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Friday, June 10, 2016

Defining a "good" job...

As I have been in my transition period, between jobs....leaving the job that was killing me to find a job that makes me happy (two separate reasons) and as I have been seeking out and applying to many, many jobs this week, I have been reflecting on a concept that has been building in my mind for many months....what is a "good" job?  Our society has skewed this definition, and I believe that it sets many up for failure at a very young age, as it did myself.  I don't blame society for this.  It was my fault to choose to go along with the mindset.  Although it is a vicious cycle that must end. 

In my case, I was told from a very young age that you need education to get into a "good" job, better than others.  Now, there is truth in this.  In order to do any occupation with skill, education is necessary.  However....that is education IN that skill.  I do value a liberal arts education, and I believe it made me better as a person.  However, somewhere along the way, preparing people to be skilled in their life choice took a back seat to liberal education, to almost the exclusion of it.  Rarely do you see high school courses in the trades or home economics or budgeting or such, anymore.  There is little to no focus on having students take personality profile tests to help the students to determine what it is that they would LIKE to do and preparation for them to do it.  No.... high school teachers tell students they must go to a community college for learning that and focus on liberal arts.  Then, community colleges say you will learn that in a 4 year college.  Then, your 4 year college says pick a major (with no preparation for the student) and take these classes.  The students take those classes and get their training for a B.S. degree.  If that is not what they like to do, the colleges say, I have this graduate program you can do to change it.  Then, after 6 years of college, the student has accumulated a mountain of college debt to pay, and the school and society says, get out an do the job to pay your college debt, and the student is stuck in a job that they never fully knew if they would like or be good at doing, but they feel they MUST do the job to pay for the we are back to where we started.  Society has isolated the entire definition of a "good" job to one  And, the students are taught that a "good" job is one that makes money and uses college training, and things like... personal goals, personality type, family, interests, friends, and more are not only a part of the equation but they are viewed as DISTRACTIONS from the job, which is supposed to only exist to enable the person to LIVE in the first place.

Indeed, it has got to the point that I no longer feel that college education is the way to happiness or success.  In fact, it can be the path to poverty and stress.  I believe that before ANYONE chooses a college major, they need to know themselves and what they like.  Further, I believe that a work history is more valuable than a college education.  So, I believe that it should be a requirement that, before you can enter a college, you must have a job to learn working skills and the POINT of the college education, and I think that there should be a requirement that only HALF of a tuition bill can be paid by student loans or parental support...requiring the rest to be paid by the student themselves...which, again, will cause them to learn the concept of work and what they want to do in it.

So, blog for today.... do not define your personal path to #happiness or #success by the definitions of others that do not share your #personality or #goals but by .... what you WANT to do with your life, which is supposed to be the point of #living and will best offer your avenue to provide the mark on society that you were made to #be in it.

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