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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My Diverse Foundation (I can relate)

Just a little bit about me to show that I can relate to at least some of what many of you are facing...

My Struggles

-Worked my way up from fast food and movie theater work to professional employment.

-Faced with two periods of medical related expenses, leading to bankruptcy, and finish my degrees (MBA in Accounting and B.S. in Religion) on financial aid.

-Homeschooled an ADHD child for 7 years, who would, later, move into my house as an adult, play games instead of work, demand from me, and criticize me.

-Divorced from a careless ex that didn't value me and used me to her own ends.

-Learned my way from divorce to peace of self to finding my true love and fiance, and I share my lessons learned along the way, so you may find your own peace and happiness.

-Have worked at several jobs and had several people in my life that I had to remove, out of self respect and for my own success.  This is a hard issue, but you have to determine who cares for you and who cares for themselves BY you.

My Successes

-B.S. in Religion from Liberty University, which means...NOTHING about my ability to understand your personal past, your own choices, or what God wants for you....but at least I know that.  What it does mean, though, is that I have an above average knowledge of what the Bible SAYS about how God interacted for love with those in the past and gives an indication of what he desires for today.

-MBA from Devry University, Keller Graduate School of Management, 3.4 GPA.

-ABCTE certifiation in elementary Education and most of a graduate certificate in Elementary Ed, as well, before jobs became scarce in the field and switched to accounting.  This combines with successfully educating my ADHD daughter for 7 years, at which time she came out with getting A's in public school.

-3 years doing freelance writing and running an online live365 radio station, while I was doing my online degree programs and raising my youngest daughter all by myself the first 2 years, while my ex was dealing with her psychological issues.

-Several years in the Army, where I was 1SG Driver, training room manager, cannoneer, and was awarded two battalion coins, was Battalion soldier of the month, and got the Army Achievement Medal.

-High School graduated with high honors, where I lettered in basketball and baseball, was on the newspaper and yearbook staff, was awarded many awards for scholastic competitions, won the regional science fair twice in my category, was nominated for Who's Who, and worked as a youth director in my church.


-I like to run (have done several 5K's), listen to music on Spotify, blog (obviously), take pictures, go to events around town, spend most of my time with my beautiful fiance, watch movies, and spend time with my children (biological and future step).

Life is what you make it, and I make it good.

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