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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Tuning Out the Static (it's ok to be happy)

The final post of the weekend deals with static.  It exists, everywhere, but it was more easily seen in the older days in tv stations that were broadcast on analog signals.  Now, everything is on digital frequency modulation, so it is different, but it exists, none the less.  Prior to that, though, tv signals would come in but the picture would get a white static on the screen, caused by the signal being weak, interfering radio signals, or etc.  You can still hear this static on AM and FM radio stations, for the same reason or if you are not tuned in, correctly.

Being tuned into what you are trying to see is the point of this post.  We all have an idea of what we are after, but there will come into our picture or speaker static.... distracting broadcasts (or people) that try to stand in the way.  We don't want to hear them, but we spend way too much time humoring them, letting them dominate the speakers of our lives.  Meanwhile, what we WANT to hear or watch is obscured or delayed by them.

I don't know what your static is.  It is different for everyone, and, indeed, it is different for ME on a daily basis.  However, here is the thing.  It is not their fault for being the static as much as it is YOUR fault for listening.  No one knows what makes you happy, except you.  No one knows what your goals are, except you.  Your inner voice knows EXACTLY what you need and what you want.  Anyone that does not ring in chorus with your heart is an unqualified critic.  Unqualified, because, often, they have never walked in your shoes or faced what you face.  They have not had to live your life, and they are very much pleased by the fact that they do not have to live the advice they give you.  It is very easy to give advice, when you cannot be held liable for living it.  In Babylonian times, if someone built a structure and that structure collapsed and killed someone, the designer was punished for murder.  Imagine how much advice would be given, today, if those giving the advice had to suffer the consequences of the advice.  Imagine if an abused person was advised to remain with their abusive husband or wife or employer or any other such using person.  Then, that person falls subject to continued abuses.  Would it not be fair if such a person that gave that advice should receive the abuse, themselves, for the advice...or suffer some punishment for the fact that they are now AN ACCOMPLICE to the bruises or emotional trama invoiced? 

However, that is not how our society operates.  You will get advice from every shmo on the street that feels THEY have the answer for your situation.  I find that this is especially prevalent among many Christian groups that feel a 2,000 year old document written to a completely different culture about specific things in their society can be used by an untrained person to prescribe how someone is "right" or "wrong" in their choices about how to live their lives in peace and love and happiness, when....wasn't that the POINT of the punish those that deprived you of your life, liberty, and happiness?  But, do not expect this to change their minds.  Those that go to the Scripture to find ammunition has already chosen their target, and they have already concluded they are right.  They are going to be static in your life, whether you want it or not.  Further, people don't change.  I have had several people reject my statement of that over time, only to eventually come to conclude the same.  They can vary in the expression of their personality, but that personality will always be the same.

The point is..... some people will always criticize you for any of a hundred reasons.  Others will support you.  If you focus on the static, you will not enjoy the program you are TRYING to watch or hear.  If you pay attention to distractions, you will miss being happy with the truth...the truth found within you.  You are not wrong to tune out those that want to use you or bring you down or condemn you.  By standing against your happiness, they have already unqualified themselves as a judge of how you achieve it.  It's ok to be happy.  It's ok to be who you are.  It's ok to chart a path that you know is true and that leads to where YOU want to go.  Those that care for you will applaud you as you enjoy the freedom to be happy and be yourself.  Those that have never expressed interest in your life or happiness are just too busy talking to notice you needing. 

If you would be happy in your days, spend more time listening to the signal of your heart than the static of the crowd. use another TV metaphor...if you find yourself surrounded by too much static, it is time to move the antenna to less distraction and more reception.  Then, things will be clearer.

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