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Friday, July 8, 2016

Walk Away

I posted my recent frustrations so that you can see that I am human and deal with the same stressors as you do.  However, the end result solution that I always come back to and did in that blog is....walk away.

When dealing with Narcissistic people, you keep feeling that things will change if you just do this or say that, or...surely...if you show them THIS they will admit wrong and act right.  That carrot keeps you arguing and going round and round, thinking that THIS time they will listen.

However, here is the thing.  People do not change.  Narcissistic people say what they need to say to get out of a difficult confrontation SO THAT they can keep doing what they want to do.  That is why words are irrelevant.   Always watch actions.  Actions reflect the heart, and someone who does not change their actions, has never changed their heart...nor would they, as the heart is the reflection of the person, and people do not change.

You cannot win an argument with someone that uses you or others.  The ONLY thing you can do for yourself is end communication with them and walk away, letting them feel superior, as they will, and seek a positive new path for yourself.  Forward.

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