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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Keeping Content Free - no book..donations welcome

After much thought, I have decided against creating books for each of the blogs but keeping all content from them free within the blogs.  I will create keywords for my blogs to pull past posts into search.

This site has two means of financial support for the benefits you receive.  First, I provide Amazon links to several items.  If you click on one of them (cookies off) and buy something, I will get a benefit from that sale (or any sale you make after such a click from that site).  Second, you have donations.  I JUST realized that the Paypal donation button I was providing was ONLY if you have a paypal account, so I have upgraded my account to a business under Living First Edition and will be folding ALL 3 blogs under that they are already under that Pinterest.

So, here is the new donation location, which I will be going back to add to prior posts and will add to future posts, as I get time.  Thank you.

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