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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Think for YOURSELF ...enslaved by acceptance or "leaders"

One thing you will have to get used to, if you are going to be happy, is the idea of thinking for yourself.

This is where the masses shout back...what do you mean?  I DO think for myself, they would explain because they know that they SHOULD do so. However, consider for a moment how real that is.  On a day to day basis, people are lead to conclusions by many others.  I do not just mean media.  I mean on what to think.  It is embarrassing, but it is true.

I faced this with my divorce, and you will face it being an original.  If you say something that interferes with the worldview they WANT to be true, they are going to ignore it.  For example, when I was getting divorced, because I was treated badly and wanted to be tree and happy from a controlling woman, I was judged for being a BAD man that was ABANDONING his wife.  Why?  Because, that is the portrayal of all divorce by most of the CHURCH and society, today.  No.....marriage is always good and divorce is always bad in the religious media and the conservative side.  They define "being married" as a success by a person and "being single" as a failure and "being divorced" as even more of a failure.  If you bring up ABUSE in a marriage...they will stick their fingers in their ears and say la la la la till you go away.  They don't care to ACTUALLY help anyone in need or pain...only make it go away so they can maintain their delusion.

This applies to many other issues, also.  Homosexuality for example.  I liked how the whole issue was illustrated when the Supreme Court declared it legal for homosexuals to marry, last year.  On the one side, you had people trying to MARRY and be HAPPY for themselves in an act that didn't affect any other person, using the hashtag #lovewins and on the OTHER side you had a bunch of people that were not DIRECTLY involved themselves...they were not gay or even being hit on by a gay person, but they felt it was their duty to TELL OTHERS HOW TO LIVE THEIR LIVES.  What was bad was that these were RELIGIOUS persons, who don't like being told by others what to believe, but they had no problem doing the same to the rest of the world.  Indeed...the church that was SUPPOSED to be KNOWN for their love (John 13:35) is, instead, being known for their hate, and those that are the target of their hate are being attacked for their love.

How did we get to this society situation?  It is because, like in the Dark Ages, we have churches that have turned from the practice of teaching ACTUAL scriptures and having people learn to love and, instead, start telling their people WHAT TO BELIEVE, and the church has turned from being people that think for themselves to sheep that seek out a leader..someone to tell them what to think and what to say.  They have to wait to hear what Fox News says about an issue, before they can formulate a response.  Why?  Because they have been conditioned to just accept what their leaders say as being true.  You have this on both sides, though..not just conservatives..though the left doesn't have weekly issue training seminars called church services.  I am sure this weekend, there will be many political things said, all in the name of RELIGION, and they will continue asking for tax dollars to enable this propaganda.  I do not say this as a non religion person or someone untrained int he bible.  I have a BIBLE DEGREE and most of SEMINARY training from one of the most conservative schools in the nation, Liberty University, and I KNOW that they are less interested in what the bible ACTUALLY says than erecting a "moral majority" (words from Jerry Falwell the founder of Liberty) platform for the specific purpose of TELLING PEOPLE WHAT TO THINK.

Well, back to happiness.  If you want to be happy, you are going to have to choose your happiness, even if the Moral Majority or peer community are against you.  Living your life to satisfy their mental bubble will not benefit you at all, and they will never thank you for doing it.  In fact, they will forget about you.  In fact, they are not thinking about you, now.  YOU are the only one responsible for thinking about you, and in the course of life YOU are the only one that will be responsible for your own course of where it goes and how things turn out.  And, if you choose happiness apart from their allowance, don't expect them to celebrate with you.  Your happiness or love or success will be an affront to them, and they will wait for you to fail to point it out....which is an indication you need to make new friends that support your future and your joy...but that is another blog.

Think for yourself, and choose your life.  Your bliss is at hand...or you can choose the depression of satisfying the mental boxes of others....up to you.

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