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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Is God Author of Evil .. debunking the "will of God" claim

One of the extremist claims of the religious right over the years thaf has bothered me the most is the claim that whatever happens is the will of God.  It is a convenient excuse for them to get out of taking responsibility for their lives or their actions.  Someone's house burns down and they say... God is testing them.  Someone is married to an abuser, and they say God put them there to be abused to be abused.  Someone gets sick, and God is wanting them to trust him. 

To listen to this group, you would think that God loves the very devil they preach against, because everything according to them is of the devil and God directs the devil's actions for the good of mankind.  T

However, the contradictions are too glaring for even the most basic person of reason.  If God is behind it all, why pray against it?  And, why would God send people to hell for fulfilling His will for them?  Then again, if it is all the devil, hoe cam he be evil, doing the will of God?  And if it is all God's plan, how can homosexuality be wrong (as they judge not in reality) since everything that happens is God's will and some choose that lifestyle.  Indeed, how was Obama wrong, being God's chosen leader for having been elected, how is abortion wrong for having happened, and how was Hitler wrong for killing millions, as ALL THINGS are the will of God?

Of course, it is true that all things DO happen for a reason... that is a scientific fact.  The fault lies in attributing divine purpose to that reason.  If people are free to make mistakes or sin or hate or kill, there are going to be those wronged or injured or murdered for the PURPOSE that we chose that path.  GOD is not the author of our sin or responsible for our choices.  We are. 

Further, the church has over the years held the mentality that "might makes right" and despite their disdain for evolution holds a very Darwinian view of society  (which all fascist dictators believe too) that if God allows someone to take power, it is God's will and that has been used to justify conversions of cities to Jesus by the sword, invading and taking over occupied lands, slavery and the current political events.

But, to say this means that the subjection of races, the domination of males, the abuse of women or children, and... indeed... the DAILY examples of rape, murder, theft, and more must be God's will and, as such. .. we may as well do away with the police, especially if... for example. ..a current sitting President may have thousands of lawsuits that would be very embarrassing to the ministries that proclaimed him God's choice.

People are people.  They make choices.  Those choices have consequences, and those consequences are not not the will of God any more than their choices are.  It is about time that people start dealing with the fact that evil exists, and it is not in the shape of a demon but your neighbor or Co worker or "family" or other person making poor choices to harm and injure and be given the consequences of such a person fir their actions, and those that make good choices the actions of choose those around us that build us up and reject those that tear us down.  Then, we can approach God not as an excuse but as a friend to see how we may make His world a little better.

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