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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

"righteous" bullies

So, I am sure you heard that Donald Trump is the new President.  He didn't actually win the popular vote, but the electoral college gave him the victory.  However, I want to focus on what I have been saying for the last several weeks on my Instagram and Twitter.  Indeed, I have been saying it for months, but those that needed to hear it was blocking their ears.  Donald Trump didn't skew and pervert the GOP into the heartless, war mongering, racist, sexist, party that it is.  The party has been saying such things for over a decade, and Trump is the CHOSEN candidate of that voting bloc.

I want to post several things that I have personally experienced and seen in the last 24 hours as proof.  First, there was many Christian commentators that said that if you were a true Christian, you would be voting for Trump to save the babies that could be effect, saying you were killing babies to vote for Hillary Clinton.  So, it comes as no surprise that my youngest daughter was pushed down at her school, today, by a bully that told her "Hillary is stupid" and calling her a baby killer for supporting the first woman candidate for President in the nation's history.

Then, there was my post, last night, where I said that Hillary would be back in 4 years to run for President, and TWO of my "christian" friends hoped she would die, before then.  I had someone reply on an anti Trump by calling Hillary Clinton a "cunt"...quickly deleted by myself...and unfriended.

This may shock you, unless you I just said and have been saying...TRUMP IS THE REFLECTION OF THE GOP RIGHT.  He isn't the exception to how they are.  He was THEIR choice, chosing him over very popular NON-VIOLENT alternatives.  Indeed, it was released in the last month a tape of Trump saying he wanted to bed a married woman and grab her by her "pussy" and was implicated in at least 11 similar incidents of him doing these things, to which Trump had said as a "celebrity" he can do anything.  And, how did the "religious" right respond?  It had no impact on them, at all.  Instead, they started saying that they didn't care about his sinful and abusive behavior as a qualification to be President of the USA.  Of course, this comes to mind...

I mean...what exactly was wrong with Bill Clinton, again?  Let's compare... Republicans spent 4 years attacking Bill for real estate scandals, but they don't care about the thousand lawsuits against Trump University.  They held impeachment trials for Bill for his consentual (but wrong) cheating with women, but they don't care about the NON-consentual physical abuse of Donald Trump and the 11 women saying he sexually harrassed them.  I can only assume that the first several years of the Trump campaign will include similar congressional investigations and impeachment hearings about Trump, right?  Wrong....because it is becoming increasingly clear that moral are RELATIVE to the Religious Right...wrong for Democrats but perfectly fine for the GOP.  I guess the Bible only relates to OTHER people, to them...which is good, because they just defied the Scriptures themselves in voting for a known angry, lustful, greedy man to serve their own purposes and who wants to cut healthcare for millions, education for children, and ignore the problems of the world.  They are DIRECT accomplices to EVERY act Trump does for the next 4 years and will share the guilt before their God.

It is one thing for Democrats to have voted for someone that did sin, BEFORE being elected, and it is something else, entirely, to KNOW how he is before casting their vote for him.  That is not a party is a moral endorsement.

That said, and going back to the bully on the playground that spoke Trump's own words (but not as far as Trump has said), this is the culture of the next four years of hate and condemnation by the newly appointed SS to the new Fascist leader.  Hiel Trump.  God help us.

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