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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Selling Your Soul..the Worship of Money

The election really lit a fire in me that I had put down and ignored for a while, but .... as has been repeated to me in my own life and in my observation... when you see a wrong in society and say nothing about it, it WILL return to you.  Edmund Burke said, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Yes, indeed.

I think the thing that this last election showed me the most was exactly that.  When I saw the extremist elements of the GOP arising in the party, I checked myself out of it and's a problem for another person.  Surely NO ONE would be stupid enough to go along with this, and it will die out.  Then, I see the result of the last election.

I think that the thing that offended me the MOST in the last election is the complete TURN ON GOD by HIS OWN CHURCH in voting for Donald Trump.  Does that sound like I am being a little extreme?   Well, normally, I would agree with you that it is not something that you should do to say that God is for this candidate or that candidate, this party or that one.  The truth is that God is for NO party.  He is for people, and I don't mean for them to worship him.  God is not an egotistical maniac.  Jesus didn't go around taking selfie pictures of Himself, saying...this miracle brought to you by the Holy Trinity.  Indeed, almost all of the time, if not all the time, he went around saying NOTHING.  He didn't wear Nascar patches on his cloak as he healed people.  He didn't have a book stand of his gospel, as he fed the poor.  He didn't even say that GOD was the one doing the healing.  He just HEALED, FED, CARED for the poor and needy.

I think there is a reason that Jesus spent most of His time in the gospels talking about corruption IN HIS OWN CHURCH in that day and the days to come.  He made it very clear that a TRUE minister would not worship God AND fact, he said that one could not do both.  He specified that EVERYONE in HIS service should be judged by their FRUIT...what it is that they produced.  He warned about those that would come in the appearance of a dove but act like a serpent.  And, he said that HIS followers would be known for their LOVE.

That last one is the one that is so damning to the current day church and is the reason that I do not attend, anymore.  It is not because I have NOT attended or know nothing of "ministry" fact it is the opposite. I have attended too much to stomach it, any longer, and I have been educated in a fundamentalist "christian" seminary enough to know from the inside what they are taught about how to manipulate people into their ranks.

Church stopped being about "ministry" a long time ago, and most churches that exist, today, have almost NO church committees or branches for feeding the poor, shelters for battered women, clinics for drug users, adoption centers, providers of health care, or such.  But, they have REALLY BIG BUILDINGS, and their worship service has a good light show...and after all that is what Jesus was all about, right?  Wrong.

Now, we are in such a corrupt generation that we just has a person that was KNOWN for his SIN that got elected, which is bad enough.  However, THE CHURCH was on his side, and so...I cannot be silent any more.

So, go ahead and vote for a man that bragged about cheating on his wife and wanting to sleep with a married woman and said he can do anything he wants to women's bodies, because he is a celebrity, but don't claim it is a vote FOR GOD.  It is a vote for sin, especially when you are being led by him to vote against medical care for the elderly and poor, against food for the hungry, education, and protection for the refugees running from persecution from other lands.  And don't claim that declaring an entire race or an entire religion as being so evil that they must be shunned is an act of God.

However, that is how our society has turned.  We live in a society where churches are the new gambling casinos.  People come to church and give to God, believing from their pastors that they will get rich as a result of it..just like the gamblers at the slots.  Meanwhile, property values plummet around the church, while the church gets very big and fancy.  The house always wins.  It reminds me of how I was talking to my fiance about ORU, here in Tulsa, that promised everyone that if they gave them money that God would prosper them, only to have the college ITSELF go so bankrupt that it took an 110 million dollar bailout from the Green family to stay afloat.  So, how can a ministry claim to its flock and book buyers that God will create money out of no where, when they, themselves, go bankrupt....all the while the Roberts family lives in their rich houses and private planes.  One should ask ...why is it that the members of modern day churches MUST give 10 percent to be considered "christian" but the ministers give NOTHING to ANYONE?

The churches of our day have sold their soul for money.  There are a few exceptions, but they are not on the broad way that leads to death but the narrow way that leads to life, and they are not known for their glitz and glamour and big buildings, because their money is better spent on actually PAYING for the needs of others.  For all the criticism that the "church" has of government social programs, there is not one law or regulation or anything else that keeps them from donating a portion of their money to the local food shelter or women's shelter or government health program.  Nor are there any restriction on you, either.

So, the next time that you feel tempted to buy into the argument of RICH Republicans that never give to charity and vote EVERY vote for one purpose...self accumulation and use of wealth...consider the pooor.  We are in the season of gratitude and sacrifice.  Don't trust any minister that does not understand both of those concepts, either.  They are not from God.

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