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Friday, November 4, 2016

The Anti Intellectual Crusade for Trump

This is the first of two blog posts I will do on election observations this year.  Then, I will focus on non political evils of this world in need of escape (as is the point of this blog...forward to happiness from current or past evils).  The first will focus on what I want to call the anti-intellectual crusade to save Donald Trump.  I can't think of a better way of describing it, because it defies all logic, and I will do it in list fashion, as is the mind of an accountant...ha.

1.  I think the first stark contrast is the religious crusade (that is why I chose that word) to stamp Trump as the "righteous candidate."  Personally, I think this is founded in the backwards nature of American churches that does not determine good and change themselves but decide what they want and declare it well as all means to an end of their pursuit of achieving it.  How it would be that you have two that is well known for her Methodist faith and the other for his sinful acts..and the church comes down STRONGLY on the side of the one that barely donates to charity, wants to cut off medical benefits to illegal aliens, wants to disband the Department of Education, and cut federal benefits to the poor and needy.  Why?  Because their pastor SAID that he was God's own choice.  This was Predicted.  I recall the New York Times in June saying that the pastors were having a conference to determine HOW to portray Trump as a good candidate, so they could get him elected.  After that, he was suddenly announced to be "born again" and, as such, can't be held to his if his present comments or coming months would be so much better.  However, even as audio was released of him saying that as a celebrity he could do anything, including grabbing a woman by their "pussy" and that he wanted to bed a married woman, the church STILL stood by him as their "man of God."  Isn't it a sign of the end that a sinful man stands at the lead of the church of God...just saying.

2.  Next, apart from the religious aspect, let's move ON to the elephant in the uber conservative voting booth....abortion.  I understand that some have deep convictions that believe life begins at conception and should be protected from death until birth.  Personally, I agree with the philosophy and would like to see that not happen.  But, a lot of deaths happen for reasons I don't think are just, including the death penalty, diseases that can be prevented by immunization, illegal aliens without health care, society inequalities of racism or religion, and such.  However, let me ask you a VERY logical question.  Does ANYONE that has paid attention to this election think that Trump will do ANYTHING about an issue that will turn off half the voters?  He is a populist candidate for God's sake.  He, like most candidates is interested in only one thing...getting re-elected.  He wants ratings, so it is in his advantage to SAY he is against MANY things but to DO very little to rock the boat.  Lately, Republicans are VERY well known for saying one thing and voting or doing something else, entirely....or have we forgotten that it was BUSH that bailed out our capitalistic system with government money, not Obama.

3. I will only identify 3 things for each candidate (my leading points)... there is the STARK reality that Trump supporters are in direct contradiction to their own claim about WHY it is essential to elect Trump.  They claim that we need a change from the EVIL of Obama or the IMMORALITY of Bill Clinton.  Setting aside the fact that Bill Clinton is not RUNNING for President and has shown NO interest in telling Hillary how to lead (assuming she would accept the advice), how is it that the VERY SAME reasoning is not applied to Trump.  Indeed, they claim that Bill Clinton was immoral and cheated on his wife, but they seem to breeze over Trumps admission of doing the same.  Then, they get offended that Obama wanted to come in and change the way America is run, so they want to elect a man that wants to change the way America is run...both wanting to change laws to do it.  Indeed, Trumps whole solution to the abortion problem is NOT to VOTE to change the law, as is the constitutional method but the appoint Supreme Court justices that WANT to legislate from the bench and change  it back.  They, also, feel that Obama was inexperience in fixing the economy, so they want to ...elect a man that declared business bankruptcy 4 times and has NO experience in ANY political office or dealing with any foreign power and whose solution to other countries seems to be to judge them and their people and shoot first, ask questions later?  If he WERE to be elected, I would predict a month before our first major war, as the world would know who it was we elected and Trump would have the power of a nuclear military to fulfill his penis contest male defining ego.  Personally, I would rather go for someone that has experience in doing the job, but that is the next post.

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