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Friday, November 4, 2016

Trusting Experience - Hillary Clinton for President

The last post focused on the anti-logic drive of Trump supporters to elect him.  Now, I want to focus on the other side of the coin...the experience and qualification that they want to so easily dismiss.  I will do three points on this, as I did three for Trump.

1.  After all the hubub of he said that and she said this...and saying this person is THAT person is immoral, you have to come down to one simple question..who can do the job.  I think that no one has so clearly illustrated that as Hillary Clinton.  Indeed, I think she has presented a better picture of some that is prepared for the job than ANY recent President in the last 50 years.  Just think about it.  Most of the people that have been President have had NO experience in doing the job.  Obama was a civil rights advocate, Bush jr was a Governor of a state, Bill Clinton was a lawyer, Bush Sr was a Director of Intelligence and was one of the more qualified GOP leaders (and who has not endorsed Trump), Reagan was an actor, and so on.  Hillary, actually, has experience as Secretary of State dealing with world leaders, as Congressman from New York (where there is great diversity and lots of issues with which to deal), and 8 years in the White House as First lady, where she didn't just hold tea for the ladies but was actively involved in budget issues, military affairs, and more.  No matter whether you agree with her or not, you cannot deny her history of experience doing...exactly what she would be doing, after elected.

2.  And, speaking of her time dealing with world leaders, let's consider how the world would respond to her vs Trump.  Whether it be the growing world Muslim population, latin america, or Europe, who do you think would rather DEAL with America as it's leader in affairs of state or FINANCIAL trade policies?  Isolation may sound great to a small faction of right wing fanatics in compounds, but imagine higher taxes on our goods sold in other countries or closed markets to our products.  How do you think it will impact our economy to have more money going OUT to buy OTHER countries goods than coming in to buy ours?  I greatly accept a leader that CAN go to other nations for our financial it was said that only Nixon could go to China. 

3.  Finally, I will willingly for the woman.  I know that she would hate to be elected for that reason, as it undercuts her ability or qualification.  However, if it really doesn't matter, why NOT vote for the first woman President as an inspiration to your daughters or the daughters of foreign countries that your voice DOES count and you really CAN become what you want to achieve in this land of America.  Or, is America just to undeveloped and archaic for that kind of liberty?  It is up to you.

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