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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas vs Good Will to All

This season bothers me. is NOT because people are mentioning Jesus for all those that believe there is a war on Christmas....not for their being restricted from saying Jesus but because they can't make all others say it...even if that does bother me, AS a Christian.

No.  That is not the problem, and it is not the commercialism.  I mean...people are going to be commercial, anyway, so why NOT do it promoting love and joy and peace in the world.  Sounds good to me.

No....what bothers me as a Christian is how FAKE CHRISTIANS are on full display.  What do I mean?  Well, it is kinda related to what I said in the first paragraph but much, much more.  It is the SAME thing that bothered me in the election, where Christians had NO PROBLEM calling it a Christian thing do bear false witness against Hillary Clinton, while silently endorsing Trump's rapist mentality toward women and the mountain of not only sins but crimes of which he is accused and facing court investigation.  I can it be a "godly" thing to SIN (false witness) on behalf of a political party to elect a sinful man that wants to start wars and cut funds from the I in the twilight zone?

And, so we move into the Christmas season, where these SAME people that just a month ago was vocally ensorsing a sinful man and sinning on behalf of him for the sake of a party and cutting funds from the elderly and poor now all put up twinkle lights and sing God Bless Us every one....well, maybe not EVERY one, if you happen to be mexican...or muslim...or a liberal...or a woman, and you BETTER be saying JESUS, no matter your faith, because well....we elected FASCISM instead of FREEDOM in the last election, right?

Ugh...rather than saying God bless us, I feel, daily, that we need to be asking God to FORGIVE US for taking HIS NAME in vain on behalf of sin and letting THAT be the face upon which the world will judge him.  I still lament the current day Church that actually feels their donations are better used by political donations attacking the poor and downtrodden than paying for shelters or food for the poor or know, the ones Jesus said HE would BE in the world, today? 

In any case, soon we will be past the holidays, and those people can go back to hating and judging and controlling, as always, and those of us that were judged for being different can go back to the business of caring for those in our lives and paying taxes for the less fortunate.  Maybe God will see our heart and save us in the NEXT election.

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