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Monday, October 16, 2017

The President with Something to Hide

Paul Manafort was the campaign manager for Trump at the start of the coordinated Putin - Trump election misinformation and hacking campaign currently in the news.  That makes him very vulnerable of a witness in the Mueller investigation into that corruption.  But...

Then, we hear that Manafort has received 60 million dollars from the Kremlin and personally approved through the Cypress bank by it's then head... Trump Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, making it a 60 million dollar payoff and debt they can collect to keep his mouth shut.

But, this is just the latest story of many of a President very occupied with keeping eyes off himself...

..A month ago, the secret service was evicted from Trump tower base by Trump.
..Trump is using private attorneys rather than government ones so they can't be compelled to testify.
..Trump fired every Attorney General and US attorney investigating him and explicitly stated Sessions only got the job after promising not to investigate.
..Trump tweeted recently a Republican was "set up" by being recorded, fitting personally with his own claims of being set up by the press being "fake news" for reporting his own words and speeches.
..Trump feared he was being "wiretapped" during the election by Obama and went on to have his staff saying "they" can watch you through your microwave.
..Trump fired heads of every government branch and replaced them with people he can control.
..Trump put a Breibart executive over the national security council to know what intel had on him, and he has let it be known that he still questions them as to if he is subject of investigation.
..Trump STILL has not released his tax returns.

The list goes on, but what is clear is the President FEARS anyone watching or recording him.  As conservatives have so often said in the past to liberals wary of "terrorist" investigation of muslims... Why would he hide, if he was not guilty? 

Now, for the hard working muslim or African American under surveillance without cause, such objection to being watched is valid.. They have a right to privacy.  However, for those denying that right to them, how do they justify Trump BLOCKING such monitoring without suspicion?

If we are going to investigate every immigrant from foreign lands, why are we ignoring investigation of one that financially profits from foreign interests?

Especially when he so explicitly is trying to hide.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

GOP "Pence Rule" Highlights Women as Sex Objects

People that are rarely aware of their bigotry, whatever that prejudice may be, and it is not entirely their fault. Often, it is the result of cultural influence on them. They grew up in it as their basis for judging "normal" from "different," and unfortunately, for conservatives, better is not based in what improves mankind but allows it to walk backwards in time to a "simpler day" in their mind...which really means not having to challenge their prejudices or to change.

How they treat women are examples of this, as is how they treat former slave races in their states, how they treat Union states, how they treat other countries, how they treat children, and etc. But, for women, it means getting back to the simpler days, when the "Divine purpose" for women was to bear children and be silent and submissive to men.

If you think that is an over exaggeration to make it sound like handmaids tale,consider this, which they consider to be the "infallible word of God"...

"Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says. If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church." - 1 Corinthians 14:34-35

Or this...

"I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve. And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner. But women will be saved through childbearing" 1 Timothy 2:12-15

So, it is no wonder, then, when the GOP President's response to them is to grab them by their privates and the "Pence Rule" counter is to just not be alone with them. BOTH are symptoms of the same illness of prejudice that doesn't answer with... Just see them as equal people, because GOD tells them, in their mind, that they are not.

Prejudice does not disappear easily and will likely not change in those that have it. The BEST we can hope for is to keep them from positions where they can use it.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Fascism Alert: Wash Post: Evangelicals Proving Critics Right

And..the second source follow up for my blog post, yesterday.  In that post, I said...

"Conservatives will NEVER center, since they feel that their way is straight from GOD (literally...just like the Shite Muslims believe) and, as such, is how EVERYONE should live to please a vengeful judge over the world."

And, we read from the Washington Post, today..

"For years, Democrats accused Christian conservatives of being closet theocrats, seeking to impose Christianity on the country and refusing to accept, let alone embrace, American diversity. That was a generalization, but it turned out to be more true than not.
... it’s common to hear other conservative Christians say that Trump’s unexpected win — down to the electoral college — shows that God had a more-deliberate-than-usual hand, and has put Trump there for some reason.
...That’s stunning to the many Americans who think the divine right of kings was what we fought against in the American Revolution. A God-chosen president can do no wrong, tell no lie, make no error. And that, it seems, has been the default setting for many of Trump’s most loyal supporters among the religious right."

And, sadly, that IS the not the exception but the RULE, as religious dictators guide their congregations to adopt this mentality as their EVANGELICAL KINGdom is established.

Fascism Altert: Trump EXPLICITLY attacks Free Press

This is the first of two short follow ups (confirmations) of what I said, yesterday, about the GOP.  When you get done reading this, go read how the GOP is ending America.

Yesterday, I said...

"The Bill of Rights protections of free speech are DAILY condemned by the man sitting in the oval office, who also condemns the FREEDOM of the Press of those that condemn him and the FREEDOM of RELIGION of those not of his philosophy."

And, today, we have this tweet by the President...

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
"With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Bad for country!"

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Why #GOP rule will end the #USA (and maybe it should)

The historian in me has been wary of the direction of the GOP in this nation for years, because we have seen all this, before in other nations.  Our framers designed the guarantees of FREEDOM in this nation as a means to making sure no group could dominate and control other groups and in so doing PRESERVE this country, and it worked for a long time.  One party would gain the upper hand, but they would be blocked from stamping their foot on the freedoms of others to disagree by the Bill of Rights that protected the rights of the minority to speak out and live their own lives their way.

Yep, catholics could live side by side protestants by people of no faith, because they were PROTECTED in their freedom of religion.  People could openly condemn George Washintonton or slavery or what was considered unwide military or economic policies, because of the first amendment...allowing them to rise up a change in the party elected in the NEXT election and so as to keep the balance.  The President could not act without the authorization of the Congress or vice versa, and both had to listen tot he Supreme Court.  ALL of the provisions of the Constitution were designed for ONE objective, to RESTRAIN and LIMIT those in power to keep them from interfering with the rights of the citizens.  Indeed, the colonies would not even CONSIDER adopting the Constitution, until there was added to it a Bill of Rights to protect the citizens FREEDOM from that government.

Fast forward to the current day.  Within the span of a little over ONE year, we have seen the entire political landscape change, and those "rights" are now declared TREASON by ONE MAN in the White House.  The Bill of Rights protections of free speech are DAILY condemned by the man sitting in the oval office, who also condemns the FREEDOM of the Press of those that condemn him and the FREEDOM of RELIGION of those not of his philosophy.  However, that is not the ONLY right he has trampled on.  The right to DUE PROCESS has been eliminated, as he judges entire groups guilty by their RACE or National Origin.  He has rejected the balance of power, stating that the Supreme Court has no authority to deny him, which was their stated purpose in the document.  He has bypassed Congress to change laws and finances without consult of Congress.

And, states' rights?  Forget it.  For a party that claimed they were simply being victimized and wanted to live their own lives their way, they have taken the Presidency victory as a green light to deny LIBERAL STATES from living THEIR own way.  Trump and the GOP will not ALLOW sexual diversity within liberal states, will not let those states hand out birth control in insurance plans, will not allow them to use block grants to erect environmental protections or allow them to use such block grants to determine what THEIR schools teach and what they do in regards to protections from guns or abuse.  And, God forbid that a NEW YORK (Liberal state) newspaper writes a LIBERAL comment to its LIBERAL readers about Trump or even SIT for the national anthem.

We all know this, but some have a mistaken belief that I think is best answered in my RELATIONSHIP book Forward to Happiness, since the concepts we see in relationships are the SAME concepts we see in business and government, as well...

"In a '.. #relationship of use and abuse, and the solution for that is ALWAYS to leave, because no one can love ANYONE to make them change.'" - Forward to Happiness, Basic Principles

And, that is what I have concluded is coming, eventually, for this nation, due to the very same principles.  The FACT is that the GOP doesn't WANT to concede, fact....when Trump or anyone else does any "deal" with the Democrats, they condemn the GOP member or voter for NOT fully backing the President, and why should that surprise anyone?  Their CHOSEN leader as President, when elected, broke with the tradition of ALL former Presidents...EVERY SINGLE ONE of them...that upon election CENTERED to represent not just their own party but the entire nation that they, now, represented.  However, TRUMP upon winning literally said, "I won," to anyone that asked him to center, even if he won by getting LESS than a majority of the voters.  Yet, in doing so, he EXACTLY represented his Conservative BASE that feels the same way.

And so, yes....I do think the country will fall apart, and I think that it would be a good thing at this point, because we no longer represent FREEDOM, as the founders desired or LIBERTY as seen in the famous bell in PA or statue in NY.  Conservatives will NEVER center, since they feel that their way is straight from GOD (literally...just like the Shite Muslims believe) and, as such, is how EVERYONE should live to please a vengeful judge over the world.  When they are in the minority, they scream at being FORCED to allow difference of opinion and see others are people worthy of poverty aid or freedoms of expression; and, when they are in power they seek to extinguish those freedoms and protections from all others.  So, like any marriage that will no longer compromise, it may actually be time for a divorce, so we can go to our own corners, and states without the historical witch burning, cross burning, religious minority as majority can live in peace.

Considering the last 9 months...ONLY 9 months, can you believe it...PEACE sounds like a good idea.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Conservatives: Death is Price of Freedom.. OUR Freedom, Not YOURS

After the horrible shooting, last week, the GOP response went out thus...

"This is the price of freedom. Violent nuts are allowed to roam free until they do damage, no matter how threatening they are" - Former Foxnews host Bill O'Reilly - Newsweek

Yup, and the GOP broadcast the same message, everywhere, including the President saying that this was a disturbed man (as he cuts funding for mental health treatment).  You know...we just HAVE to allow this kind of violence, because they have the RIGHT to their FREEDOM.

So, suddenly the GOP gives a shit about FREEDOM?  Indeed, the SAME time that they were touting the freedom of people to own and carry guns, they were...

...denying freedom of women to have birth control
...changing the law to allow discrimination against transgendered people and homosexuals
...protesting a person's FREEDOM to KNEEL SILENTLY during the Pledge of Allegiance

So... to be clear and simply collect what they are saying in one sentence.... We must allow mass shootings for the sake of conservative FREEDOM to weapons of mass destruction, but liberals are not FREE at all, since we will decide your gender, your clothing, how you have sex, your political views, and whether you have children or not.

Uh huh...

Saturday, October 7, 2017


This summer, I got a job working in Trump's Government in the VA...which was a HUGE (to quote a Trump favorite phrase) mistake.  I am much happier working for much less, after I quit a few weeks ago.  However, I felt that it would be good to give you an insider account of what that was like.

First, when I got the job offer, they didn't have a dollar amount on the job offer.  I asked what the details of the job offer would be like, and I was told...I kid you not...that I would find out how much I would be paid AFTER I accepted the job.  I voiced how this was not how professional work was, but I accepted and was told.  Then, even though it took months to apply, I had to wait 4 weeks for the start date....4 weeks of expenses adding up, while I was waiting for the job to begin, causing financial stress, which was added by waiting 3 weeks, after hire, before the first paycheck.  So, in 2 months after accepting the job offer, I got paid for ONE paycheck.

But, moving on from money, we came into the position and arrived waiting to learn our job, and the people we were working for informed us that they didn't know when we would start training, and they told us that we needed to call the help desk, ourselves, to set up our account access, which we had to do about 10 times for difference accounts.  After a month of being assigned busy work, we finally started an online course that would be filled with issues of system access and the fact that there was no standard way to do anything among the VA groups, but we had to follow a standardized training program.

Before I continue, there is a reason I said that this was TRUMP's VA.  We were also informed by our local group that it didn't used to be done this way.  Used to be that someone would arrive and start working, immediately.  However, under THIS administration, we had to do this online program, which would end up teaching us nothing, and after two months of "training" we began actual training.

Back to money for a second.  Along the way in the training, we found our supervisors surprised at our pay level, because starting positions used to be GS 6 positions, but we were started at GS-5.  To put that in layman's terms.  TRUMP REDUCED THE PAY OF MY POSITION BY 5,000 PER YEAR, RIGHT BEFORE WE BEGAN, for the same position.

At the end of several months of driving two hours a day to reach and get home from a very disorganized position, I gave my notice I was quitting that day, because, "It's not like I am DOING anything to require two weeks."

There are other things I could mention, but I will just mention one more.  The final week, I worked 4 days into my pay period and had a few days of vacation pay earned and not used.  So, upon the next pay day, what do you think I saw....yup, pay for 2 days without notice or explanation.

THAT is what it is like to work in TRUMP's America.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Did AMERICA Vote for Trump?

By now, you know that Clinton DID win the most votes in the last election, even though Trump weaseled his way in by way of crafting electoral math in order to get the most electoral votes.  One would assume that someone that only won by a technicality and wasn't the popular vote would mediate to the center to please ALL those he represents as President...but, of course that is not what we got.

Trump declared himself AMERICA's Choice by way of winning the electoral votes.  However, let's look at exit polling at Pew Research.  Did Trump win...

Blacks?  No. Clinton won that group by 80 percent.
Hispanics?  No.  Clinton won that group by 36 percent.
Women?  No.  12% more women voted for Clinton than Trump.
College Graduates?  No.  The educated chose Clinton by 9 percent over Trump.
Young voters?  No.  Clinton won those 18-29 by 55 percent compared to trump's 37 percent.

So, No...AMERICA didn't vote for Trump.  OLD, WHITE, MEN did.  And, THAT is just a statistical fact.  If nothing else, one day that generation will die.  THEN, maybe America will be GREAT, again.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

GOP vs Trump Showdown and What it Revealed

The devil went down to Georgia...or Alabama, as it may be..a few weeks ago is a surreal showdown that most of the world didn't notice, because Trump kept them busy talking Football or Newscasters or such.   It was an election for the US Senate, and Trump had staked his name upon the NON evangelical candidate that was running against the ultra conservative Roy Moore, who was backed by the religious right.  Moore, you see, was a former state justice that was famous for saying things like homosexuality should be illegal and defending the statues of the Ten Commandments (I think it is telling the conservatives always defend displays of LAW and not GRACE, but moving on).

Anyway, it wasn't that Trump was trying to preserve his party from religious nuts, as he was saying the same extremist things.  He was just wanting to elect a congressman that owed him and, as such, would go along with whatever he asked, without question.  Indeed, Vice President Pense's aid was just busted on audio tape indicating that the Trump administration intends to run candidates against EVERY Republican that expresses free will apart from what he wants for the country or that questions him in any a good little dictator that he is.

However, a few things need to be noted.

1.  The GOP is the extremist force in the country.  It is NOT an EXTREME Trump leading a reluctant party, this election showed... the party is going to be extreme, even if  it has to run AGAINST the President.  Keep this in mind, once Trump is no longer President by passage of 4 years or impeachment, whichever comes first.  Also, remember it come next year's congressional election.

2.  Neither Trump nor the GOP are willing to concede and compromise with anyone.  That is why they are running against THEIR OWN PARTY, as they argue about who has more power to be the final word on how everyone (even non Republicans) should be in the nation....and neither is ASKING or LISTENING to voices other than their own.  If you look at Trump's Twitter account, you will see that while he is wanting the entire country to follow him on there, he is only following, HIMSELF, his own family and Fox News and other extreme conservative media sources.

3.  All republican choices are terrible.  As this election previewed, the future Republican primary elections will be a choice between a warmongering paranoid old man or those that feel God told them how YOUR life should be lived. 

Honestly, I'd rather just have the quiet democrat that lets me be with my own life. 

Hurricanes, Fires, Floods, Death .. Is GOD Happy With Trump?

So, I wanted to do a post to the evangelical Christian out there.  Not to the leaders, as they literally SOLD their soul for wealth (against Jesus word) and to a fascist party a long time ago.

As someone that has walked the road you are on, before.... I have a B.S. from Falwell's Liberty University in Bible Studies and has evangelized online for years a while back...all in the name of "saving the world" and fearfully preparing for a wrathful God to return (somehow love got lost in there)...I want to speak to you heart to heart.  Before you refuse the brain that God gave you and close your ears and scream la la la la la like a 4 year old, consider the following about the man that your leadership is telling you is GOD'S choice to be President.

In the last half year, since Trump has been President, we have had to face not one but THREE massive hurricanes that destroyed MASSIVE amounts of areas YOU live (conservatives), and as a result some of the most populated areas spent a month under water and reeling from flood damage. There have been wildfires that raged and rages throughout the central western United States.  A few days ago, someone took many machine guns and emptied them on ...again...CONSERVATIVES watching a country music artist.

The reason I mention that it was conservatives that are suffering is that this is the group (if any) that God would protect in your mind...right?  I mean, the rest of the world is lost in your mentality, so they would face the judgment of God.  However, this judgment is falling upon YOUR lands...YOUR homes, YOUR families, YOUR finances, and YOUR lives.  So, why isn't God protecting YOU?  You are calling on the nation to pray for you, but you were already praying, so why has God abandoned you?

Perhaps, it is because you have turned your back on him by voting for a confessed adulterer (he cheated on each of his wives with his next wife), sexual assaulter, and someone that promotes WAR, which God told you to avoid being PEACEMAKERS.  Perhaps, God is upset that your churches have become Altars of profit, like the ones Jesus turned over, and He is upset that you are picking up stones to throw at more of his children... that just happen to be different from you... calling for them to be crucified rather than spared by the very crucifix Christ was on.

Now, I know most of you will not listen, because you are conditioned not to think or read the Bible for yourself, but the last time I was in the Evangelical, Charismatic churches and watching TBN I was being told that fires, floods, storms, death, and hunger were signs of the end days with evil, maybe you should stop to think and pray where your CRUSADE is taking you, before you find yourself staring at God and trying to explain why you chose the GOP over GOD and Loyalty over LOVE.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Be FREE ... It Pisses Off Those in Chains

How to start this...don't you hate it when you have competing voices of sources in your head wanting to be notice first...ha.  Maybe it's just the mind of a writer.

I grew up hearing all these stories about how you should "go your own way" (Fleetwood Mac) and be your own person.  We had Breakfast Club with a group of kids determined to chart their own path, Footloose about dancing if you want to dance (in spite of religious condemnation).  Indeed, the COMMON theme in the 80s and 90s was being YOUR OWN PERSON,  in SPITE of those that want you to be a cookie cutter version of themselves.

It's not a new theme.  Shakespeare wrote "to thine own self be true" and the entire country of the USA was founded on people that fought to BELIEF AND WORSHIP THEIR OWN WAY, against the way of the countries they fled.

Then, we got to the late 2000's and early 2010's and absolutist fascism took over.  One group....Republicans and specifically EVANGELICAL Republicans revived their Inquisition and Crusade roots of their religious bodies, convincing me that I cannot endorse ANY Christian denomination, even though I am a Christian, because they retain without condemnation the heritage of those that burned witches, stoned girls having sex, and converted at the edge of a sword in RICH houses of worship paid for by taking money from the poor and suffering.  Every time a "new" church begins to break way and attract believers wanting religious freedom, the backbone of Christian organized religion sets in and says "and now, THIS is how you must believe and practice to be a REAL believer."  Until the established church condemns it's structural past, we are doomed to repeat it, and I cannot participate in a religion that defies the love of Christ to evangelize LAW and CONDEMNATION.

And, so I live free.  This year, particularly, I have fully embraced the advice I have given to "follow your bliss" (to quote Joseph Campbell).  The idea he proposed was this..

"Yet it is important to note that following one’s bliss, as Campbell saw it, isn’t merely a matter of doing whatever you like, and certainly not doing simply as you are told. It is a matter of identifying that pursuit which you are truly passionate about and attempting to give yourself absolutely to it. In so doing, you will find your fullest potential and serve your community to the greatest possible extent." - JCF

Indeed.  To boil it down, do what you want to do.  In doing so, you will be BEING your TRUE SELF, as you were created to be and following the best advice for every decision and display your true face to the world...the face that you were CREATED to be.

In Silmarillion, JRR Tolkein had a section about the song of the universe..

"Eru brought all the Ainur together and declared that they would play a song greater and more complex than they had ever sung before. He told them that they would be allowed to weave their own thoughts and ideas into this Music, since they had been kindled with the Flame Imperishable and thus had the power of creativity."

Get that...they ALL had been kindled by the Flame Imperishable and, as such, had a voice to play in the great song of creation in order to achieve true harmony and the full expression of creation.

However, in that story,  Melkor disturbed the harmony by getting prideful of himself and trying to force the music to be ONLY how he wanted it to be....sound familiar?

Yes, we have our own Melkor's in our society that, while racist-ly declaring others tbe "different" requires them all to be like themselves.  So, the rich and white preachers declare the attitudes of the poor, divorce, sick, or of another party to be SINFUL, since THEY declare THEMSELVES to be the standard of righteousness, having never experienced the sufferings of the lives they condemn.

 I remember when I first WOKE to this (to quote SNL ha).  It was after I could no longer take being used and abused by my ex and decided to actually live happy and consider my own needs that my ex was not even noticing.  The church IMMEDIATELY set out to condemn me, citing scriptures against divorce, while at the SAME TIME ignoring the PAIN and SUFFERING I was experiencing in that dysfunctional marriage. So, those that had only known a loving relationship was telling me how I needed to live in suffering, which was really easy for them to do not having to LIVE the advice they would give.  The same can be said of their advice of "suffering for christ" in poverty with expectation, when those same pastors give not a PENNY of their own money to the poor out of fear of experiencing the same life, themselves.

There is a song in my most recent running playlist on my fitness blog that conveys this.... Shinedown - What a Shame..

"What a shame, what a shame
To judge a life that you can't change
The choir sings, the church bells ring
So, won't you give this man his wings?
What a shame, to have to beg you to
See we're not all the same"

Indeed, we are NOT ALL THE SAME, and that is not only OK, it is HOW IT WAS CREATED to be, and, until we are willing to allow others that are different to be themselves and listen to the song they create, we will NOT be the society the creator wants, either.

As for me and my web presence, I welcome all ...all religions, races, all sexual orientation and all genders, and if that last one confuses the conservatives, see my posts on the topic.  Male isn't male isn't male, and female is not female isn't female.  However, just as an example, if I were to choose a gender that matched what makes ME happy being, it would not be the average male, not liking football, fighting, competition, etc and being very sensitive to the poor and suffering, hurting, and liking the arts, music, fashion and deep meanings in songs, painting, and life.  In fact, I hate being around MEN, and I have since I was young and have always got along really well with women, which does not make me a MUTANT (to quote X Men) to be hunted as in The Gifted but it makes me HUMAN and a part of the great chorus of life.

What distinctive notes do YOU have to  play in harmony with the world?  Are you playing them, or are you a slave to the Melkor's of this world, who will use you to their own ends and forget you ever existed for them.  Maybe it's time to let your voice be heard.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Forward to Happiness, Basic Principles - 34 reflections on the path to happiness - $0.99

Forward to Happiness, Basic Principles was previously two ebooks that I released called Forward to Happiness and Living First Edition, as a collection of the blot pieces I had posted on blogs of both names in 2016. However, I have since realized that Living First Edition is a subset of living a life FORWARD to HAPPINESS, as ...once you have moved ON from UNHAPPINESS you must set about to establishing a life free from the negative influences of the crowd still living in the darkness of mental slavery to self-sacrifice to the god of OTHER PEOPLE'S EXPECTATIONS.

So, Part 1 is the text of Forward to Happiness, and part 2 is the best of Living First Edition. These are basic principles that are as true, today, as I wrote them, last year. This year's development of those principles can be found mixed into my blog posts, which vary greatly from relationships to religion, to politics. However, expect a new book on these relationship and self development principles at the end of this year.

The following principles are life-lessons I have learned along the way in the pursuit of a life of happiness, and they have faithfully given me the first truly happy year (free from guilt of being happy or sacriice for those that couldn't care less) in my entire life. I know they will benefit you the same.

Be Free. Be You. Be HAPPY.

Part 1 - Forward to Happiness-Four Stages of Rebirth
-A Caring Heart
-Trust History - Let Go of Moments (good or bad)
-Words Vs Actions (follow meaning)
-Friends and Relationships
-Relationship Tips of the Week
-Users, Abusers, and "Family"
-Walk Away
-All things are NOT Possible. . learning to deal
-False Victims and Choices
-Attracting Assholes - The Curse of the Caring
-The "Shut Up and Take it" Crowd
-Don't fall for the Grace Trap
-Let them judge you.. Freedom

Part 2 - Living First Edition
Being An Original
-Finding Your Style
-You Will Never Be Good Enough for Your Critics (Stop Trying and Shine)
-No One Else Can Be You (Perspectives)
Living to a Higher Standard
-Group Identity Vs Living First Edition Quality
-If ... Rudyard Kipling
-Living First Edition.. No Excuses
Romance and Friends
 -Not Everyone Will GET You ... Filtering Friends and Finding Love
-Be a Man.. Be Romantic
-A HEALTHY Sexual Life (Beauty in Passion)
-Marriage is a Celebration, Not a Funeral
-My Center, My Bride
-Romance .. you DO It (quotes)
Defined by What You Do
 -Your "Year" is What You Make It
-Excuses are like A-Holes. Choices are Ours
-Make time for What is Important
Being Happy, Being Free, Being Judged
 -Make Happiness a Priority
-Lesson to My Daughter no Bullies and Life
-Sometimes All You Need to Know is.. NO MORE (self love)
-Happiness and Haters - Smile Anyway
-Tuning Out the Static (it's ok to be happy)

Thursday, September 28, 2017

STOP Making LIFE Decisions about MONEY

Life is life.  Money is money.  They are not the same.  In fact, the engagement in ONE will limit the other.  It's not about the dollar figure of your GROSS salary (gross is a good word for that), when you are in the quiet moments and think about whether your life is happy or not.  It's about how much LIFE you had in the day you just lived.

Two years ago, I made 60 thousand dollars a year as an oil and gas accountant.  Today, I am an Uber Driver (by choice..walked away from a higher paying job for it), making well under 20 thousand dollars a year..  So, by this reasoning, you would say I am failing and unhappy, correct?  Actually, the reverse is very much true.  Let me walk you through how those years went.

Why COLLEGE is a SCAM...

Before I get to my first accounting jobs, I have to start by saying that college is a F'kn SCAM, and I would recommend that NO ONE go to college or pursue a "professional" job, unless that is just what you like to do, in which case it is ok.  However, if you are doing it for MONEY, you need to know a few facts.

  1. College separates the gap between poor and rich, instead of correcting it.  You will be working next to kids that just came of of college that DADDY paid for and have zero debt, so they will get to take ALL of that professional income and just blow it like toilet paper.  Meanwhile, you will be taking out student loans that will take the REST OF YOUR LIFE to pay off the principal and interest, ending up paying maybe double the original amount you took out. So, "professional" jobs make the RICH RICHER and the POOR POORER.
  2. If you are going to college to get RESPECT in your new job, forget it.  When you complete a college degree, you will go looking for a job with tight competition, and you will be meeting with people that will piss on your degree and expect work history, which you could have had...had you not been in COLLEGE.  Then, you will start a job at the bottom, where the upper management have NO IDEA how to do your job (true for every professional job I held) but criticize you for not working hard enough.  So, you will be working like a frustrated secretary for over -demanding bosses who treat you like children, despite your college training that they dismiss.  So...why did you go to college again?


So, when I got hired at IBM I was so proud of myself.  OMG.  I was working at a Fortune 20 company, doing contract accounting for Marathon oil.  Now, I wasn't happy to be working for a company that was profiting off of destroying the environment but I said that it would work to build my career.  What they don't tell you is that when you work for oil and gas, you are only qualified for ...OIL AND GAS, so even though a few years later I had my MBA and 3 years experience in Federal and Indian oil and gas royalty reporting, the recruiters I turned to found that no one outside of oil and gas was interested, since I didn't have THEIR system or position, I was back being made to feel like an inexperience child, despite 3 years of career success...even though that success meant nothing to the companies.

Which is the next point to be made, here.  During my time there, I started at a 2 person position and ended up being given the entire job to myself, because I was so good at the job.  Indeed, my actions saved the client 2 million dollars in one month's reporting, catching a system error.  The client said before my boss that they wish they could give me a gift but couldn't.  So, of course, that gave me clout and respect, right?

Well, actually, within a year, all of my bosses had left the industry, and the new ones didn't care what I did, and they didn't care that it used to be a 2 person job, so, it was now EXPECTED I do twice the work, or I could (and did) quit to be replaced by others they could pay less....Chewed up and ...ptu...spat out.  Welcome to a Fortune 20 company.


After this I had left accounting for a few months but came back, thinking that surely it was unique to IBM how bad they were.  I started working for Sutherland Global and learned that IBM (for as bad as it was) was on the upper end of greed and manipulating, as this company was hiring people to be given positions without training by ignorant managers (didn't know what their employees did), who shifted all questions and blame of failures to the very new employees they didn't train, while asking them to work 14 hour days and acting like they were working hard WITH us, when they were just working US hard.


Then, I started doing Uber part time and would, eventually, take it on full time.  When I did it, I had been fed up with corporate life, and the recruiters were finding I was over-qualified (meaning...cost too much) for companies that wanted to hire cheap ( the end fk you for GETTING experience).  So, I started driving for MUCH less money than I used to make, and guess what...I LOVE it.  A few benefits...

  • I get up when I want to get up.
  • I don't drive an hour to get to work or home, after.
  • I can take a break in my work day, whenever I want without feeling guilty or having to get it approved like a child.
  • I can listen to my music in my car.
  • I can where WHATEVER I want.
  • I can take time off in the middle of the day for..personal time...with my wife.  Ha.
  • I can see my customers face to face and feel good making money for making people happy.

You see...I was reminded of something that I had forgotten, and it is what I want to leave with you as food for thought.  MONEY is not HAPPINESS.  There are benefits to every job, if that is something that you truly value.  Money, in fact, began as a replacement for bartering.  Bartering was...I want this, so if I do this for you, you will give me this that I want.  Then, it became you will pay me dollars I can use to buy what I want.  However, if you are spending all of your hours working to earn dollars but do not feel free to take time off to SPEND it at home and for what you like, you have SURRENDERED your happiness to make others happy in exchange for dollars that whatever label you feel appropriate.

So, stop working for others, who will never appreciate you and do not CARE what you want out of work in their quest to be rich.  You are responsible by nature for your own life.  How are you doing in making that life happy?

Russia and GOP Southern America

I thought it important to draw a comparison between Russia and the GOP Southern America that voted for Trump, because it is humorous and enlightening...

  • Loves displaying and using their guns
  • Likes to objectify women
  • Racist (WHITE leadership)
  • Sexist (MALE leadership)
  • First solution to an international conflict is to attack
  • Touts their nuclear power
  • Likes the cold war
  • Hates the UN
  • Used to attack Muslims in Afghanistan
  • Has a NATIONAL Christian church

GOP Southern America...

  • Loves displaying and using their guns
  • Likes to objectify women
  • Racist (WHITE leadership)
  • Sexist (MALE leadership in party, company, and church)
  • First solution to an international conflict is to attack
  • Touts their nuclear power
  • Likes the cold war
  • Hates the UN
  • CURRENTLY attacks Muslims in Afghanistan
  • WANTS a NATIONAL Christian church

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Racism in Russia (no wonder they like Trump)

Sailors with the Russian Navy at a March celebration of Russia's annexation of Crimea.

About a week ago, I asked my wife something that had not occurred to either of us, until that moment, and it has fascinated me how it has fallen through the cracks of news media.

When was the last time you saw a BLACK Russian in any news media, tv show, movie, fashion, etc?

How it it that we focused on the White Nationalism of Hitler in the 1940s but have almost completely missed the PRESENT White Nationalism by Russians, today.  Consider these other cited photos that come up when I just put in "russia people pictures" in Google...
Image result for russian pictures
Image result for russian pictures

But, what's more, I think it's not that the American and Western media does not KNOW about the stark WHITE ness, they present it in their own depiction OF them.  Consider this picture of "russian brides" presented in a Russia language site...
Image result for russian pictures

And a news media story of Russian gang members attacking people in England..
Image result for russian pictures

I mean...WTF... how more WHITE can you get?  It's like Charlotteville in that picture, and no one notes that they are

So, while we are debating if Trump is a reflection of a German racist government from a half century ago, he is very NOTABLY financially backed, hacked supported, and politically aligned with a racist fascist power in the world, today, and no one is saying a word about it.

Shame on you.

Monday, September 25, 2017

The Ever Increasing Group of the Un-Patriotic (McCarthyism)

Since the school system doesn't view history as important enough to teach students (if they had we may not have Trump), I feel the need to start giving historical foundations that my readers may miss.  Indeed, as we go forward in the Trump Presidency, I feel that I am witnessing the rise (almost scripted) of Hitler, only this one is spoken in English...right down to the basis, process, and procedure of the rise.  Like Hitler, Trump lamented the drop in the GREATNESS of his country in the world, blaming certain groups for that drop and promised to make it great in the world, again.  Like Hitler, Trump was an angry man that shouted out attacks on opposition groups and countries in the world.  Like Hitler, he blamed the ills of the country on specific genetic and cultural groups outside the country, rather than acts of individuals within it.  Like Hitler, he is dictating what private companies SHOULD do (like ESPN, NFL, car companies, etc) and making Presidential dictates that companies MUST use national resources to make their goods.  Like Hitler, he opposes free speech.

However, today, I want to focus on a Nazi processes that was, also, seen in our country's past, as well, and it is raising it's ugly head, again.  It is a common process when a dictator or a dictatorial power that so blames groups does, throughout the world and throughout history.  Once they have identified enemies OUTSIDE The country, they start identifying groups INSIDE The country that are "enemies" as well.

It has a term that USED to be used int he media but is not being used, today...through my news media readers should consider reviving.  It is MCCARTHYISM.  I will explain.

In the 1950s, a REPUBLICAN congressman (...notice that it's ALWAYS the GOP backing the KKK, fascists, racists, etc) by the name of Joseph Mccarthy starting holding hearings about people suspected of being COMMUNISTS.  Get that?  Their CRIME was that they had another OPINION on how to run the economy (for the poor rather than the rich).  And, the RICH Republicans promoted fear throughout the nation, asking people to LOOK OUT for the communist SPIES on your corner and to turn them into the government.  Sound familiar?  Like....maybe the GOP that was warning us about terrorists from without are gonna start naming those to distrust and jail for their difference of belief that live IN this country?

And, of course, we are already seeing it.  Just in the last week, the President went from saying that one Black sports reporter should be fired for being critical of Trump  to attacking black ATHLETES for not being patriotic for failing to go along with Trump to saying the entire NFL was un american, as well as any fans that failed to pressure them to salute the flag.  However, that is not the ONLY group in American PRIVATE company society that Trump has declared should be fired or has restricted.  From the start of his Presidency, he has limited the PRESS from reporting at the White House, unless that press willinly reported STATE FED news without critique, and when they did dare to question his proclamations, they were declared unpatriotic, as well.  Other groups from those in the arts to education to healthcare to others....and I mean BIG and NATIONAL groups for entire industries.... have been demeaned and attacked by the President of the USA for NO OTHER REASON than that they DISAGREE with the Supreme Leader speech is dead.

This spiral historically only goes outward, so expect there to be many more groups to follow, as Trump adds one group after another to his list of un-patriotic and even TERRORISTIC groups for one reason and one reason, alone....they DARED to think for themselves, and the GOP will say that anyone that refuses to condemn who they SAY for us to condemn is a "sympathizer" just as they said under Mccarthy, and I predict less than a month before we start hearing what they REALLY believe (since their charade of empathy has faded) and we start hearing the President, himself, declaring that any group that accepts or supports Muslims (or even IS Muslim like Malcom X's Nation of Islam) IS a terrorist, and any group that files lawsuits or speaks out, against him, is to be condemned as un-american.  Even as I type this, the President, today, took to the NATIONAL Twitter account to condemn John McCain...a man of his OWN PARTY for the EVIL of refusing to cut healthcare for the poor.

So, in the last week, Trump has attacked his own party's congressmen, sports news media, and the entire sports industry for failing to agree with long till YOU are un-American, as well?

Saturday, September 23, 2017

TV Shows and Movies for the Age of Trump, vol 1

Over the course of the last half year that feels like a decade of Trump, there have been many tv shows that have helped to soften the blow by either highlighting the move to fascism that we are seeing in the country or, even better, making fun of it, because the fact remains (regardless of what you feel about sucking up to abusers in a futile assumption of changing them) the ONLY thing that  serves to BOTH bring yourself comfort AND make yourself an undesirable target of abuse is the PUBLICALLY expose and laugh at your attackers.  They desire to feel GOOD by making you fear or cower, and, if you can make them feel tiny and useless, they will move on to a better target of abuse.  Again, regardless of how you feel about it, that IS an effective means of defense of them.

Ok.  on to the media guide.

PAST things from the last year that I would recommend (in no order other than the first thought in my wine relaxed brain (ha))...

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix) - a woman gets freed from having lived in the bunker of a "reverend" who kidnapped 4 women and told them the world ended and so they had to live with him.  Once freed, her adventures in modern society are the FUNNIEST show I have watched on tv to date.

Saturday Night Live (SNL on NBC and HULU) - they were already funny, but they took it all to a whole new level, after the election.  So, I would recommend going back to watch the whole last season on Hulu, and the new season starts Saturday, September 30th on Saturday Nights on NBC.  WAY funny.

The Man in High Castle (Amazon Prime Video) - The show based on the bestselling book takes place in the alternative world view, if Hitler and Japan had won the second World War and America was a fascist state.  The similarities with our own world and the direction our world is going is great drama and EXACTLY what needs to be seen to avoid.   Season 3 is set to debut late 2017,

The Handmaid's Tale (Hulu) - Another best selling book made into a series, this story tells of a society where the ultra conservative control society and in an infertile society have kidnapped women that could get pregnant to make them have sex with the cult leader's males to bear them children, all while the LITERALLY quote a bible passage where Jacob did the SAME THING with his wives' servents in the birthing of the tribes of Israel.  The next season is due on Hulu in 2018.

Colony (USA Network) the past season is on Sling's archive for the channel, and I think it is on Netflix, but if nothing else it is on Amazon Video for pay.  It is a series where the show opens with a society living behind a wall and watched by drones of aliens and human guards.  It is great for showing the effects of a society living in fear and of the rise of a resistance.  Season 3 begins in 2018.

American Horror Story (FX) - the current season of AHS is set in our current society, post election, where people are living in fear of what the GOP will do next (and many tweets the first episode night said "this is way too real"), but what the REAL story of the season is is NOT the election but it is the POWER we give to whatever we fear to control us.  The more we fear it, the more it can dictate our actions to it.

True Blood (Amazon) - I just started watching this with my wife, as it is free on Amazon Prime, now.  The storyline of the blatant racism against vampires is VERY relative to our current society racism being not only supported by the President but PREACHED from his Podium against muslims, gays, women, and more.

Movies from the past that are very relevant:

Demolition Man - a movie where Stallone wakes up after decades to find society under the control of a fascist moral police.  It is hilarious, and I love the speech made by actor Denis Leary..

"See, according to Cocteau's plan, I'm the enemy. Cause I like to think, I like to read. I'm into freedom of speech and freedom of choice. I'm the kind if guy who wants to sit in a greasy spoon and think, "Gee, should I have the T-bone steak or the jumbo rack of barbecued ribs with the side order of gravy fries?" I want high cholesterol. I want to eat bacon, butter and buckets of cheese, okay? I want to smoke a Cuban cigar the size of Cincinnati in a non-smoking section. I wanna run through the streets naked with green Jello all over my body reading Playboy magazine. Why? Because I suddenly might feel the need to. Okay, pal?"

Captain America and sequels - These movies about a shadow world government that plants people in positions in world governments to gain fascist control over the world.  As we see a dictatorial Trump aligned with Putin and other strong dictators in the world, while pulling back from democratic allies, one can only wonder how soon we will be saying, "Hail Hydra"..

Money Monster - This movie is about a guy that lost everything in a financial crash taking a financial news network hostage.  He challenges them to ask the companies that lost their money to tell them WHERE their money went?  It is a valid question that even this accounting trained blogger cannot answer, fully.  However, what we DO know is that many people got RICH off the financial crash, while others lost their whole lives (as evidenced in this film).  These rich people that profited off that crash funded Trump getting elected and...guess what?  He has already removed investor protections from that crash in his administration, so they can do it all over again.

That's enough for this month.  Check back next month, and I will have a new list with upcoming movies and shows in that time to make sure not to miss..there are several coming end of the year.

Fascist Alert - Trump Dictates Sports Player Roster

Remember when Obama said, as President, who should and shouldn't be ALLOWED to be a sports player?  Or, a reporter?  No?  Yeah, you're right.  That kind of overstep by a PRESIDENT to tell a PRIVATE and NON GOVERNMENT industry how they should operate would be FASCIST..right?

And, yet, today, the fascist GOP news of the day is that our Benevolent Dictator declared this about a player in NFL..

“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out! He’s fired. He’s fired!’” - Guardian the span of one week, the Trump White House has said a BLACK reporter that criticized him should be fired and a black NFL player should be fired (doing wonders for that criticism that he is a white supremacist), both from NON GOVERNMENT and non TRUMP organization companies, because...well, why DOES he think he has that authority?

And, I will stop right there and let you TRY to find me ONE reason that justifies this response, short of him being a FASCIST dictator that feels dictatorial power over ALL industries in the country.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

To Thine Own Self Be True

"This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man."
-Shakespeare, Hamlet

 I hereby give all my readers and followers permission to go on my social media and remind me of this, should I ever go after a "professional job" again, instead of doing what I like.  But, at least I reminded myself of it the last week and quit my job, today, to resume doing Uber driving, tomorrow.

I, actually, blogged against this months ago and should have listened to myself, back then.  I did have the decency of leaving those posts on my blog, because I still believed in them, even as I betrayed the principles by taking this VA Voucher Examiner job in July.  But, least it got me out of Oklahoma and in a bigger market and better city.

I am not saying that the VA is bad (though it has serious flaws structurally) or that voucher examiner jobs are bad.  Some may think they are the cat's meow (probably not to someone that would SAY "cat's meow" I bet).  What I am saying is that it is not ME, as was the case with accounting.

It all began with my father, a long time ago, that told me that I needed to go to college and get a professional job.  He warned me not to stop, either...saying that if I ever stopped I would not return to finish a degree and a degree was a path to a "better life."  I don't blame him, specifically, for that lie, as it is one that generations believed.  College doesn't mean a better life, or even more money, as anyone with a college student loan debt can tell you, when they figure out how much they are REALLY making per hour accounting for the student loan debt they are paying off.  All it means is that you are sufficiently trained to be OWNED by leaders  (who themselves are owned) and blamed by them for anything that goes wrong.

But, THEY are not the ones living your life...YOU are.  They won't be considering (or even caring) what makes you happy or your family time or your family economics.  They only care about one doing for them what they want at the cheapest method possible, so that they get more money to themselves.  That's what rich people do to be rich.  However, is it worth sacrificing yourself to please them?

This is one of many principles that echo in many of my blog posts.  You have to think about yourself.  While that is SELF-ish by definition, it is not greedy.  Instead, it is allowing you to GIVE the world your true self in a way that you were designed (by evolution or creation, your pick) and how you would best enjoy giving yourself to the world.  Those that truly care for you will be happy in that you are happy.  Those that dictate what you should do don't care for you but what they expect you to give to them, true greed.  I am blessed with a wife and kids that want me to be happy and greeted my news of changing jobs with joy in the fact that it will make me happier, and THAT is what real family is like.

So, don't listen to those that are using you or judging you or couldn't care less ABOUT you.  To thine own self be true, whether it be what job you will have, what clothes you will wear, who you will love, how you will love, what convictions you hold, what you would say, or anything else.  The reason it is called self respect is that you don't have to check with anyone else to have it.  BE YOU, and THAT will be a true MIRACLE of nature to a world in need of originality and heart.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Don't Miss This Trump Tweet ... Huge Fascism Alert

That was my reaction, in the screenshot, to Trump's tweet, last night.  I included it in the screenshot so you can see it.

I know in the Trump Presidency that every day feels like a month, as we try to keep up with all the foundational changes he is making to the whole government, and we can't possibly keep up with or focus on all of them... It's emotionally exhausting.  There are always 5 things he and the GOP are doing at once.   Indeed, at this moment, they are hard at work trying to remove poor people's health insurance as we speak.

However, this text by Trump sets off HUGE alarm bells, and I can't emphasize enough how important it is to read.  It reminds me of a quote from an episode of Handmaid's Tale (just won big at the Emmy's) that I saw, last week, where the main character lamented how they got to their situation by doing nothing as the government blamed terrorism and suspended the Constitution.

And so, we come to the above text that Trump not only tweeted but RETWEETED, showing he really means it, where he says that the internet is a recruitment tool of the terrorists and as such, must be "cut off" ... I am serious, and you can see the words yourself, even though it is straight out of what you would hear (and have heard historically) from fascist dictators, as they banned free speech to protect their rule and eliminate criticism.

I predicted this in December, last year, when I blogged that if Trump was going to "make America great" he would have to have dictatorial power to do it, over all freedoms, and if he was going to eliminate freedoms, he would, like all dictators, have to eliminate free speech... Which is why the framers of the government put that guarentee as the FIRST to protect.

I don't know what form that "cut off" of the internet will take place, but it makes sense why he eliminated Net Neutrality, now, as that would have prevented that control over what you can see.

Regardless, we need to wake up, before we wake up in the GOP's new Nazi fatherland with no freedoms left to speak out.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Classism in America

As I get older, I keep seeing things in new ways, now that ... as with pretty much everyone that hits the 40s.. I started thinking for myself.  Things that I grew up just feeling was normal, I look at with new eyes and did I think that was ok, simply because someone told me it was "good" and "american" (often NOT historically American, in fact).  Classism is one of those things.

I don't fully blame those with money.  They were raised in the system, and "that's just the way it is" as they would say.  Yes, but SHOULD it be that way?  They don't question the system, because it FAVORS them.  So, it is easy for White Supremacists to say things should favor the whites that grew up with society advantages such as where they live, what schools they could go to, who they know, etc.  It is easy for America First fascists to say jobs and industry should go to them, since they ARE them.  And, it is easy for the rich to say that one should be allowed to heap up wealth, BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ONE WITH THE HEAP.

Let me ask you, isn't there something morally wrong with someone that heaps up wealth they can never use, while everyone around them is literally DYING in poverty and disease?  I mean...seriously...even though the Religious Right Evangelical preachers say the same thing to protect THEIR wealth from being taxed to help the poor...can anyone justify that as a VIRTUE?

Let's consider some real life analogies of this concept.  Let's say that they are having a pizza party in my kid's school classroom.  The rule is...take one piece of pizza, so there is enough for everyone.  Then, a selfish bully comes in and take 5, which means some will not have any at all.  Is that fair?  What should he do...give some back to the others of course.

Or, as my wife pointed out  to me, what if there is a child that is disabled and maybe can't get to the table as fast as the others.  Should he/she go without, or should someone ensure they get a piece, even if they can't...WORK for it...for example.

My whole life I was brought up being told from even my CHURCH that socialism was bad and capitalism is good and Godly, but looking at the FACTS of the rich keeping money from the poor that starve and die, I am starring to think otherwise.  EVERYONE has a RIGHT to LIFE, even if the Republicans want to deny that to all but the wealthy, and I think it is time we did something about that.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Don't Give Conservatives Fruit of Trees They Condemn

One of many things that wells up in me from time to time is anger at seeing Conservatives condemning a race or a region and then expected them to still provide to them.  To be very blatant, it is like how that masculine party demeans women but then wants those women to put out for their own pleasure.  Well, on both situations, it is time we tell them to go f*** themselves.

I mean, seriously.... Trump married a foreign woman but wants to block immigration.  Indeed, as it turns out, it looks like Melania was in violation of her visa WHEN SHE MET Donald Trump.  But,'s not like Trump ever turned his back on international money that HE makes off foreign companies IN the cultures he condemns.

But, it's not just trump and it's not just immigrants.  That is the tiny tip of a HUGE iceburg.  Conservatives LOVE to blame and attack liberal states, like California and New York.  They love to attack the arts and media.  They love to condemn homosexuals.  The list goes on and on.

Well, it is time we started saying enough is enough.  Like the woman that gets fed up and stops putting out till she gets respect, it is time that we liberals follow suit.  If conservatives don't like California, let them do without wine.  If they don't like Hollywood, stop sending them movies to watch.  If they don't like the arts, then they better not follow Pence's example and turn up at BROADWAY to see a show, or we should show them the door.  If they don't like homosexuals, let them cut their own hair or do their own design and not listen to musicians that may not swing their way.  Further, how dare they condemn immigrants, right before they settle into MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL or watch BASEBALL with barely a non immigrant or non minority on the WHOLE TEAM.

It is time we stopped letting those A-holes condemn the tree but then eat the fruit.  Let them enjoy ONLY what is made in their states for a while, and I bet they will change their tunes, pretty dang fast.

Friday, September 15, 2017

The Frog Pot of Fascism

I forget who told me about the secret to cooking a frog, a long time ago.  However, it went like this.  You don't raise the temperature of the water fast to boil, because the frog would just jump out.  You raise it slowly, and the frog will just sit in it till it has cooked to death.

I recalled that story, when I was considering ...not the stories of this week...the REACTION of the public to the stories of this week.

1 - First off, we will lead off with the story that was all over the twitter-sphere a few days ago.  It was the White House media representative saying that the administration believes that an ESPN reporter should be fired, because she called Trump a racist.  While the nation was busy discussing whether Trump was a racist and the damning fact that a black reporter was facing threats by white rich guys (kinda confirming the charge), I was more interested in a fact that seemed completely missed by the press and social media....since when was it the PRESIDENT'S role and authority to tell a private business how to operate...and, further, to tell them to fire someone for FREE SPEECH.

2 - Next up, let's talk about Trump's supposed defection to the DEMOCRATS for a few bills.  Yup, the news was all ablaze with pundits that were declaring that Trump was REALLY a DEMOCRAT all along.  That's right.  I heard the news declaring this, as I took a work break.

I figured it was just the GOP wanting to distance themselves from a radioactive President, as Mueller closed his wagons around Trump (and I still believe that would happen).  However, it wasn't till I got home that I heard WHY the GOP was saying that about Trump.

So the story goes (don't believe it as it is just a ploy by Trump), Trump got tired of the GOP not getting things done, so he called up Chuck and Nancy and called them to the White House, where he told them that he was willing to give up a PHYSICAL wall border, was willing to keep dreamers in the country, and he was even willing to increase the taxes on the rich for his programs' cost.

Now...while that is so bizare that it would distract you, don't lose sight of what happened NEXT and reported much quieter.  Behind the scenes, conservatives turned on Trump in a blink of an eye and was vocally attacking him, even former GOP President candidate Mike Huckabee (whose daughter is that White House media representative and who has a Christian tv network show coming on in less than a month from now) was engaging in a mocking series of Tweets of Trump.

Now, it would be tempting to say....WELCOME TO THE the GOP that suddenly hates Trump and thanks for GIVING him to us.  However, pay attention to WHY they are attacking him.  Huckabee and others were attacking him for not doing ENOUGH to eliminate health care coverage, block the borders, and etc.

Get it?  So, as I have been saying...this was NEVER the party willingly following the man that happened to get elected.  They weren't uncomfortable allies that backed trump despite his attacks on the poor, needy, and neglected and blatant sins.  If that were the case, they would have welcomed his change of heart.  No.  This sudden turn on him illustrates that it has NEVER been Trump leading the GOP to fascism but a FASCIST GOP that supported him as long as he was giving them fascist control over the lives of everyone else in the country borders.  The moment that he backed off his extremist stance to moderate, he was the ENEMY, showing very clearly the FATWAH of the Christian extremist cultists that are growing, with or without Donald Trump.

So, keep an eye out, as this movement grows.  It seems unfathomable that we could be seeing a conspiracy to take over power of the government.  Those are things that we have only read about in history books and on tv shows like The Man in High Castle (can't wait for the next season this fall).

We might be faced with the uncomfortable choice that Germany made after WWII of making their Nazi groups illegal in the future.  One would hope it doesn't come to that, but this frog pot of just the last year should illustrate VERY CLEARLY how easy it is for a country to go from disgruntled to a HITLER.  May God help us avoid such a fate.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

It Isn't That It Isn't

There's a phrase that I heard of been to New England a lot that I used to hate to hear, but later came to fully accept. It is that it is... Which is to say that some things just can't be changed.

Now when I was a young hothead ready to set the world on fire, I didn't believe that anything was beyond my power to change.  Indeed, throughout the world there are many motivational speakers, preachers, and inspirational memes that convey the message that your only limitation is yourself.

While that's catchy, it's dangerously deceptive, as there are many things that are beyond our control. Some things just are that they are... Or more importantly, they are not that they are not.

And, I think that's where the most dangerous deception comes into play.  There are many people who will play upon your hopes and desires to have things and situations and tell you that you can have it if you just believe. And while I fully agree with pursuing your dreams and reaching the furthest that you can go, it is not wise to deny reality. There are real limitations upon all of us, whether that be physical monetary or otherwise.  Only when you recognize your limitations, can you find alternative means to reach your goals.

For example, a man .. no matter how maternal...will never have a baby through their body.  However, they can adopt and reach that goal.  Someone with a back injury should not try running to get into shape.  However, there are other means of fitness they are able to use.

As I look back over the events, jobs, and people that have been the biggest disappointments in my life, it wasn't the lack of "faith" or determination that caused the ultimate depression.  It was my lack of REALITY, particularly on the part of what I expected from others.

In the movie Bruce Almighty, there is a scene where Jim Carrey is frustrated and talking to Morgan Freeman, after he had been given the power of God by God as a lesson.  He asked God, "How do you make people love you, if you can't affect free will?"  Of course, God didn't have an answer to that either, because you can't...and more important, you shouldn't be trying.

I accept my part in the failures of the past, and the biggest failure I see in all of them is exactly what I am trying to help you to learn, accept failure.  Even a toddler learns that a square peg won't go through a round hole, but we get to be an adult and we say....BY GOD IT WILL IF I FORCE IT.  However, how do you think the peg feels about would you feel about it?

The solution to a happy life is not having a life free of failures.  Every one fails.  Even Thomas Edison failed hundreds of times in making a lightbulb.  The secret of success and happiness is learning what fails QUICKLY so as to find another person, job, or method that WILL lead you to a truly happy life, before you get to the end of a life of misery and find no one handing out awards for their suffering.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Follow Trump Example .. Declare Bankruptcy

This week, I declared bankruptcy, and it took many years of fighting a downward salary drop before I surrendered to the fact that I just didn't make enough money for the amount of expenses that I had accumulated.  A few years ago, I was making nearly 60 thousand per year, and I am, now, making barely more than half of that, due to the drop in employment.  They can scream that unemployment is down all they want, but as someone with 4 years of accounting experience, 2 years of management experience and an MBA, I couldn't get a job in the industry and had to settle for using veterans preference (as much as I don't like that concept) to get a job at the VA...which after benefits is paying me less than I could make on UBER (food for thought).

However, I am not here to talk about my "failure" leading to bankruptcy but my SUCCESS in filing for it and to promote that OTHERS do it, as well.

Why?  Life happens.  You get saddled with unexpected bills or have a reduction in pay from work or whatever.  Things happen that make it less likely to pay off your bills.  Now, you CAN do debt consolidation, but I have learned from experience that many of those companies offering that service screw you over, too.  I had debt consolidation on my bills for a few years.  Then, one day, one of my bills from Dell called me up and asked how I was going to pay off my 4000 dollar bill.  I said this is under the consolidation and should be much much less (the computer in the beginning cost just about a thousand...a long time before the consolidation).  When it entered consolidation, it was at 2000 dollars from interest.  However, after 2 years of payments in consolidation, the debt had doubled, since the consolidation company missed EVERY payment date, causing late fees for each payment.  When I brought it up to the consolidation company, they said...well, it's not our problem.  It's yours.

Companies don't care about you.  They don't care what is happening in your life.  They only want to find a way to charge you the most they can charge you for the longest they can charge you.  It's called business.  So, if you are straining your reduced budget to try to please the rich, know that the rich do not even notice you are struggling or even care.

Indeed, the biggest rich are well versed in bankruptcy, our illustrious President Trump that declared bankruptcy FOUR TIMES, while keeping their mansions in the process.  Indeed, RIGHT NOW, Trump is passing rules to allow him to borrow without limit on the treasury, while at the very same time reducing the income coming in from taxes...all so our children can pay for his shopping habit.  Are you really going to fall on your budget sword for the rich values displayed by THEM?

It's about time that all of us started thinking about ourselves and not pleasing the riches of others that do not care for us.  If you are underwater, financially, wipe it away with bankruptcy and start fresh.  FREEDOM may not be politically correct with the current administration, but it is still LAW, and the bankruptcy court EXISTS to stand between you and those that in the Merchant of Venice..demand their pound of flesh from your heart.

Be Free.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Forward From Narcissists

The other day I saw something online that I had not heard, before  Did you know that Narcissists get their name from a mythological character?  It is named after a figure called Narcissus, who was the son of a Greek god.  He saw his reflection in a pool and fell in love with himself.  He couldn't bear to leave himself, and so he stayed there and died.

It seems that we have an epidemic of narcissists in the world, today.  I think that there have always been a large number of them in the world, but I have noticed it more and more over the last decade... but, then, it was in the last decade that I learned to respect myself enough to not be used, so it could be that I am NOTICING it more and more.

Since the beginning of this blog, I have been trying to promote that self esteem and awareness in others, as it IS the key to happiness to KNOW what makes you happy and to FOLLOW it.  I have spent way too many years toiling away my life for those that do not respect me or even notice that I exist apart from them, whether that be relationship-wise or work-wise.

And, that is what sets a narcissist apart from someone that wants to harm you.  They don't even NOTICE you, because they are too busy looking at their own reflection or fixed on what others think of them.  When you find yourself having to have many, many conversations of telling the other person your needs or wants, only to have them completely forget by the next morning...or hear "I didn't MEAN to do that to you" a lot, you might be with a narcissist.

Indeed, narcissists DON'T mean to harm you.  It just never occurs to them to be GOOD to you.  There is a song in my most recent running playlist for my fitness profile... @runlifekwc on instagram or twitter...that both my wife and I both liked when we started dating each other and applied to our romance.  It is Good for You by Selena Gomez.  In part of it, she sings,

"I just wanna look good for you, good for you
Let me show you how proud I am to be yours"

But, that is something that a narcissist would not do...take time to make themselves look good or do other actions or give other gifts to make the other person feel happy, because a narcissist is too busy thinking about themselves and what they want to be happy.

If you are in a relationship with someone like this, or you work for one, don't feel you are doing them any favor to stick around...your sacrifice is only hurting yourself.  They don't notice you when you are present, and they will ONLY notice themselves getting less when you are gone.  However, it is your life.  So, think about what you need to be happy and follow it, because those that really care for you will want you to have that and the rest just don't matter.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

"Christian" GREED vs Christ Taught Care

I am trying to direct my critical posts of the Christian right to my page, because I want to illustrate there how much more caring and natural witches are than those that condemn them.  However, I think recent themes make this appropriate to both websites, so I will put it on both.

Christian GREED vs Christ Taught Care

I have made it known on my blogs that my criticism of the Religious Right is not without exposure to them or education about the faith.  I was an active member in the various "christian" cults for many years, "evangelized" online for years, wrote several "christian" devotionals, and finished not only a BS in Religion from one of their cornerstone universities (Liberty University) but most of a seminary education there, as well.  My departure from that system was not out of leaving was from FINDING Him.

There are SO many things that the "church" is taught, today, that they just take for granted as being the Jesus way of viewing things, I did when I first entered those buildings.. I felt that I was new to the faith, and who was I to question things I saw as being....UN-Christian.

This last week, we had a "Christian" mega-star Joel Osteen give Christ a bad name, not once but twice.  First, despite having a big church right in the middle of the newly homeless Hurricane Harvey, he didn't open his doors to them and only did so when literally the whole world was condemning him for doing it.  Then, after he brought them into his church, he took up a collection FROM THE HOMELESS to help pay for his building and the food.  When I saw that, I had to walk away from my phone for a while because of the righteous anger that had arisen in my spirit.  The church has become so commercial that it is now taking up money FROM THE SICK and POOR to pay for the RICH, which sounds very much at odds with the following ...

"Just then a man came up to Jesus and asked, 'Teacher, what good thing must I do to get eternal life?'...Jesus answered, 'If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.' When the young man heard this, he went away sad, because he had great wealth.  Then Jesus said to his disciples, "Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven."  Matthew 19:16,21-23

But, mean Jesus wants us to give OUR money to the POOR?  That would be the response of most of the religious right, today, who voted in elections to reduce state poverty taxes and elected a President that vowed to cut government poverty programs and give tax cuts to the rich....a very "christian" thing to support?  No.  However, our church no longer bears a resemblance to the church of Jesus, which was described as this...

"All the believers were together and had everything in common.  They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need." - Acts 2:44-45

Does that sound a BIT like the church we have, today, where the pastors take up collections (which Jesus did) to pay for a building (that Jesus never had) so they can tell you what laws you broke (when Jesus came to end the law)?  We hear from these "christians" how this is socialism (never rebuked by Christ) and how GREED is somehow good.  We have re-erected temples to sell out of God's house for a profit, and what was Jesus' response to that....

"So he made a whip out of cords, and drove all from the temple courts, both sheep and cattle; he scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables.  To those who sold doves he said, 'Get these out of here! Stop turning my Father's house into a market!'" - John 2:15-16

Maybe it is time to take away the tax exempt status of these MEGA mart churches and use the money that results from that to pay for the people that they forgot in their vanity of self.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Modern Class Warfare in America - Tulsa, Ok

I have decided to finally go forward with a post theme that I have been considering for a long time... modern class warfare in America.  For today's example, I will be using the location that I just moved away from - Tulsa, Ok, though this is a story that can be illustrated throughout the country.

The pictures, above, are from the Southern Hills Country Club and the area just outside of it.  I had never been inside of that country club, until I was called to deliver someone into it's gates as an Uber driver and was told that I could "show myself out" by a preppy early 20s girl that had the attitude of Ivanka Trump of being above everyone that they use.  When I went into the gate, I was astonished.  Above on the lower right, you see two pictures of the area just outside of the country apartment building that had bars on the windows and a long abandoned shopping enter with damage to the building.  The picture to the top is the street view looking down one side of the club on the left and the scary shopping center on the right.  You will notice that along the country club runs a bush line.  That bush line surrounds the entire country club, so no one from outside can see inside.  The lower left hand of the above image are just a few pics of its opulence. 

This is just one of about 50 examples of such contrast within the "holy city" (as they call it) of Oral Robert's city of Tulsa.  Indeed, Oral Roberts University is just a block south of that location, where you can see a HUGE cathedral and gold trimmed university, right next to condemned landscapes. But, that is only one of several such church contrasts, as well...similar to the Rhema Church HUGE building standing directly across the street from a run down two unit poverty aid center.

In a very REAL sense, the mega churches in Tulsa are like the Casinos that are in the area, as well.  They are very glitzy, and the community is poor....and for the same reason, the churches and the casinos are BOTH rich by way of the money taken from the poverty community around them.  However, it is not that the rich there are that way from being in the churches but rather the churches are just a subset of the rich, which expands far beyond the church walls into opulent shopping centers and communities just yards from the poor...and those rich that I shuttled around in my car were not concerned about the poor but saw the poor as just trying to take advantage of the rich by....BEGGING ..and telling me that the city should really do something about them.

Sound familiar?  This is the SAME attitude of the upper class GOP that PROTEST having to pay taxes for the poor and homeless,who they assume are milking the system for money, when ...having lived as one of those poor most of my life...they are just trying to, breath, and have electricity.  So what if they also have alcohol?  Indeed, many a night a little beer has helped me forget just how forgotten I am by the world.

And, they do feel forgotten, and I have seen in my life this division growing...the rich feeling superior and burdened by the poor, and the poor that absolutely HATE the entitled rich.  So, I am starting these posts to illustrate the conflict between these groups, as we enter into a cycle seen for thousands of years by peasants overthrowing the rich royalty, but THIS time happening on a society...a democracy ...level, as well.  It will be interesting to see how that conflict plays out.

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