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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Forward to Happiness, Selected Blogs #1 $1.50

(See below for samples)

I am not a psychologist or a minister (even if I have studied both in college). However, I have had a lot of crap that I have had to deal with over the course of my life and much interaction with users, abusers, and others, giving me insight into signs of which to be aware, pitfalls to avoid, and the best ways to navigate these situations to find your own happiness. Now, I run a blog to try to help others to be inspired when they are feeling alone and judged in just trying to be happy and accepted in just being themselves. Sometimes, you don't want to hear someone with a professional degree tell you how you are not the picture of a fully functional human being with perfect friends or relationsHhips. Sometimes, it helps just to hear from someone else that has been where you are and see how they came out the other side. That is the goal of my blog and this book, and I know it will help you. Selected for this volume are blogs...

My Diverse Foundation (I can relate)
The 4 Stages of Rebirth
Tuning Out the Static (it's ok to be happy)
A Caring Heart
Trust History - Let Go of Moments (good or bad)
Words Vs Actions (follow meaning)
Friends and Relationships
Relationship Tips of the Week
Users, Abusers, and "Family"
Walk Away
All things are NOT Possible. . learning to deal
False Victims and Choices
Attracting Assholes - The Curse of the Caring
The "Shut Up and Take it" Crowd
Don't fall for the Grace Trap
Let them judge you.. Freedom

I hope this helps you in your journey from confusion and pain to peace and clarity and to move each day Forward to Happiness

Here are some samples from the booklet...

"I don't know what your static is.  It is different for everyone, and, indeed, it is different for ME on a daily basis.  However, here is the thing.  It is not their fault for being the static as much as it is YOUR fault for listening.  No one knows what makes you happy, except you.  No one knows what your goals are, except you.  Your inner voice knows EXACTLY what you need and what you want.  Anyone that does not ring in chorus with your heart is an unqualified critic.  Unqualified, because, often, they have never walked in your shoes or faced what you face.  They have not had to live your life, and they are very much pleased by the fact that they do not have to live the advice they give you." (Tuning Out the Static)

"Then, she told me that love was when feeling just well up from within you and spills over.  I told her how cute that was, but no....that is not love.  I don't blame her.  That is how society explains is something you FEEL.  Then, when that FEELING goes away, you are falling out of love.  Love is more than a fact, it is not the feeling at all.  The feeling RESULTS from receiving TRUE LOVE, which is acts of a caring heart.  LOVE is a verb.  It is actions." (A Caring Heart)

"We will not be there for each other all the time.  Sometimes people will be tired and exhausted or more focused on their OWN issues to notice the needs of the other person.  So, there WILL BE for all of us moments when we are in need but the other person is not there for us.  You gotta let those go. " (Trust History)

"What it is, instead, is recognizing that things have changed.  I am no longer my own, and she is no longer her own.  We are a we.  Friends are still a good idea, but friendships must acknowledge the other person in our lives and approach us as a couple, not a singular." (Friends and Relationships)

"First, before you take anything personally, think about what the other person is going through.  Are they feeling devalued elsewhere and more needy for personal stability. Are they unsure about their own decisions in other areas and feeling a need for confidence.  Are they feeling attacked from others and need comfort. " (Relationship Tips of the Week)

"People either care for you, or they don't.  They either support you, or they don't.  You either have a history of actions of them contacting you to see how you are, showing respect for yourself, supporting your choices, or a history of lack of empathy or concern.  It is not an offense to want to surround you with those that care for you.  It is normal." (Users, Abusers, and "Family")

"However, stop and consider something for a minute.   Of the two groups. ..those seeking grace and those seeking justice, which would contain all of those doing the harm or wanting to abuse?  How many rapists are out there asking for justice ...indeed...ANY criminal?  No, they would all fall neatly in the grace camp.  Ok... now, what about victims of those crimes or use?  Do you think victims are crying out for grace of their abuses or do they want justice?  With the exception of those that like pain and want to punish themselves, victims will fall in the camp of wanting justice.  So.... now...knowing this,  how much logic does it hold to say that those wanting grace are "good" and those wanting justice are "evil"... " (Don't Fall For the Grace Trap)


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