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Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Fallacy of Divine Right to Control

I was reflecting earlier this week about the consistency in one factor in every single one of the challenges that has been seen in this year that have attempted to control and distort not only MY good year in my life but tried to distort that of an entire country....Trump and the Right Wing GOP.  To this point, I have been objecting to the fact that they seem determined ...and in fact feel it is their responsibility as a "Christian" to do it... to tell others what is good in their lives.

It is not a new thing for me to see.  Indeed, since I got divorced from a very controlling and destructive ex, I have faced constant condemnation by those in the "church" for that choice for my betterment of my life.  Those doing the criticism not only didn't have the EXPERIENCE of having lived in a harmful romance, and they didn't want to listen to MY experience about it.  No, they concluded, based solely upon their own life, what was right in my life, not out of care for my happiness and ignoring the pain it caused but solely out of what they WANTED to see about marriage and divorce. 

This is also clearly seen in their attacks on gays.  I recall very clearly when the Supreme Court declared gay marriage legal.  You had millions of homosexuals celebrating their ability to LOVE each other, and the hahtag was #lovewins and posts were not about their ability to hook up and have kinky sex (as the conservatives believe) but was about LOVE, and for months you had the case where the church of Jesus was known for hating love....for anger at and control of and preventing what Jesus declared the sum of the law.

However, that is again just one issue in a string of the conservatives absolute assault on freedom, iteself.  And, it is not true that both sides do it.  On the one side, you have conservatives that are intent on enacting policies that have nothing to do with them (no one is asking them to get gay married or put up "offensive" art in their house or go to planned parenthood or go to another church), and on the other side, you simply have people trying to LIVE as they ARE without someone else telling them how to be.

However, this is not just true about Trump and the GOP but it was also true in my own life, personally.  I had people that were upset that we didn't do our wedding our way and invite certain people.  We had people that tried to tell us who we should and shouldn't have as our friends, even if they treated us badly or ignored us completely.  We had people that tried to misuse our resources, and I had one person come onto my Facebook on my birthday to declare me a sinner in need of Jesus, in addition to of course our ex's that try to tell us how to live our lives, after them.  There is a REASON they are called "ex."

Well, what I realized this week about EVERY SINGLE ONE of them, is that I was focusing on the result, not the cause.  The CAUSE of why all of them act this was is not a new thing.  It goes back thousands of years, in fact.  It is in the history books, and it is called "divine right."  At, it says...

"the doctrine that the right of rule derives directly from God, not from the consent of the people."

Now, this is most often applied to kings, but it is really about power, and in relationships, it would be those trying to assert power, and in this country, the voters are the power, so it applies to everyone.

See...the problem doesn't start with the fact that they are trying to control others.  That is the result.  The problem STARTS with the fact that they believe that GOD IS ON THEIR SIDE.  A "side" is very important to them.  Someone must be right, and someone must be wrong.  There is no time for them that both can be right, or both can be wrong.  And, since they believe that since they go to church that God is on their side, they determine that their lives are the picture of good for not only themselves but all people.  Then, they set out to FORCE that life upon all others, and THAT is the basis for not only government facism but all bigotry and control we see in the world, today.

The problem with that is that it is NOT true that there is one good and one bad.  Can someone tell me what is the holier or red?  Which is right, and which is wrong?  What about the "right" state to live in or the right occupation or the right hobbies to have?  No...because those are all right or wrong based upon the CHOICE and freedom of those that choose them.  And, that is the simplicity that all those seeking control over others fail to get.

There is no response to those distorted in this view.  Don't take the bait of trying to fall for their strawman and tell THEM what is right or wrong, either.  Simply pity them for their sacrificing of their own happiness for the "greater good" and go out and live your own.  In the end, that is really all that matters.

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