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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Colonialist Morals? Dispelling Fictional Conservativism

The older I get and the more independent thinking I have grown, I keep seeing one thing after another to be false that I had just accepted since youth as the truth, without even challenging it rationally.  Indoctrination is hard to stop, especially when you don't realize that you have grown up within it your whole life.

For example, I was thinking, tonight, about how Donald Trump was giving conservatives a bad name, even though he is really the product of like values that elected him.  However, then, my  mind allowed itself to rationally be critical of the historic foundation of the conservatives.... the 13 colonies and the early America's birth and founders.

Let's consider the founders, not for the hollywood glory in which they are often presented but in the reality of their own historical acts.  When the explorers came to this land, they didn't find it unoccupied.  It was occupied by natives.  However, they wanted it, so they just took it, imprisoning and killing the FIRST race that they would subject as property to themselves.  This, of course, ran hand and hand with the fastly increasing slave trade of taking human beings from Africa and putting them in chains and shacks and trading them like something on a shelf to families that would use them for all kinds of hardship and labor.  This, all the while they held their Bible high and called the whole process the WILL of GOD that had given them whatever they could take in a thing called "Manifest Destiny" or a perversion of evolution to say that the strong not only take but have the Divine right to not only do so but subject and humiliate all who they overcome.

Sound familiar?  Do we have a movement, today, in this country that hates entire nationalities of people and invades their lands to decide who can and can't rule over them and what land they are entitled to hold....while calling it God's work to subject those people?  Donald Trump is not a distortion of the colonialists.  He is a perfect example, right down to the fact that the colonialists ALSO viewed women as things to own and use at their discretion....passing them down from father to husband at the point of a gun and without even asking her if she accepted in the ceremony, and the same colonialists that put it IN THE CONSTITUTION that someone was not a REAL citizen, unless they had MONEY and PROPERTY (including slaves) to make them entitled to vote.  Indeed, in the first decades of the country ONLY the rich had a vote.

Still think that the morals of the 1700's are a good aspiration for our current day?  Or, maybe just maybe we should advance just a little bit from the morals of 200 years ago to be a little more progressive and fair in our defense of the week and needy and stand for freedom and not the power to subject others.  Maybe...just maybe...we deserve better than the morals of a habitual abuser that takes from the poor for themselves, and maybe we can lead to a better tomorrow in which our kids will live.  Up to you.

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