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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Stop Supporting Users (Boycott convert)

I am not someone that has supported boycotts in the past.  I have felt that business and politics should be kept separate, and as a general rule I think that is the case.  Everyone has the freedom to disagee, so when I see news stories saying "boycott" I cringe.  However, the last year has had one exception growing in your mind. 

The exception is this, and I do think it is not only valid but needed.  What if the company is the one to cross the line into politics?  What if it is not an activist trying to weed out the unspoken political views of the corporate execs or minister or whatever?  What if the company (or church) is explicitly funding and promoting dangerous views of society?  Do we not, then, have not only a right but a responsibility to ensure they do NOT use our money to that end?  To do otherwise would be to willingly become an accomplice to their actions.

And, it may seem little...the things they do now...but consider this.  Chic-fil-a, hobby lobby, and others seemed like simple retail outlets.  You can get cheap chicken or crafts products.  They don't put up signs saying ...we hate gays or down with liberty.  However, their leaders were explicitly saying those things in line with those principles.  Then, we get a racist homophobe running for office, and they took all your money and helped put office to eliminate your choices.

So, yeah... I am coming around on the principle that we all have a responsibility to ensure our money supports a world we like, and before conservatives call me hypocritical, I think they should follow this, too.  Don't like California?  Stop buying wine or movies.  Don't like the arts, get rid of your paintings and don't attend the ballet.  Don't like New York values?  Stop buying anything made there.  Don't, however, buy liberals good and then tell them the lives that made them are evil and must change.  Many many church members are guilty of weekly condemning the "evil" world on Sunday and participating in it the rest of the week.  And these church members may say I am not on staff. I am just attending.  True...but... to get back to the point of this post.. you are directly responsible for the funds they do use.

So, I am recommending a simple concept.  The next time you are thinking what should I eat or buy or a "charity" to support, consider what they promote and ask. that the world I would want them to create with my money... because, this election shows, one day they may just do it.

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