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Friday, February 24, 2017

The Slavery of Weak Minds to Propaganda (Just the Facts Ma'am)

Here I will give you several facts to consider, if you dare.  Sadly, most won't challenge their presuppositions, because so many don't believe what is true but what they want to be true, which serves to enslave them and destroy the very foundation upon which they walk.  You're path can't lead you to success or happiness, if there is nothing under your feet upon which to walk or is headed in the wrong direction, even if you DESIRE it to lead you there.

Facts.  That is where we have to start.  I feel like an elementary teacher, explaining simpleton concepts, lately, because logic has departed the station for so many.  Facts are what exists.  They are evident.  They are proven.  You don't have to theorize them or believe they are true.  They just ARE, even if you don't believe them.  If I believe that I will fly and step off a tall building, gravity is going to be a hard wake up call.  If I believe I can breathe under water, I am going to meet my God a little faster.  And, if I believe an experienced abuser of the wills of others are going to suddenly become a different person, I am going to be disappointed.  Yet, so many believe that the violent will suddenly become peaceful, the selfish giving, the deceitful trustworthy, based on nothing more than that they want it to be true.

I think the two biggest areas in our society of self deception are religion and politics, and those are not mutually exclusive...they overlap.  Honestly, I believe that religion plays a big part in the self deception of politics, today.  Just think about it.  You have people that are conditioned to not think but to accept whatever the minister or Pat Robertson on TV as being truth, without thinking.  After all, they consider, those people have been Christians longer and MUST understand the Bible a lot more than they do.  The fact that Pat Robertson and several of their "christian" sources are lawyers and political agents with a vested interest does not enter into their mind.  So, after sitting through week after week of church members being told that the world (and them) are evil, why should they accept a politician or newsman or scientist as being true?  Then, when the church leaders tell them that this candidate is God's will...well, who are they to disagree?

Ironically, as society has generally moved forward in intelligence, church structure has reverted to the middle ages, where only the minister "knew" the Bible and told everyone that it was their "Christian" duty to hate others, such as muslims or gays or etc.  And, we are about to begin a new "crusade" of religious wars to invade and Christianize the middle east, as if that worked so well for us the first time.  However, before we start adopting the propaganda of the commonly accepted, let's challenge a few assumptions.

Assumption #1 - Islam is trying to invade our land and attack our faith.  I will admit that for a long time, I bought into this one, because it was SO commonly accepted.  However, let's consider a few things.  Of the two groups (Christian and Muslim), which currently has armies in the others' countries?  Which has been air bombing the lands of the others?  Indeed, if I lived in a land where every few years American bombs fell on my home in the name of Christ, I may justifiably conclude that Christians were violent crusaders, again, trying to take my home.  Further, which country is isolating the faith of the other from entering their land?  And, if we are going to call Muslims violent for the acts of a few dozen on 911, what do we conclude of Christianity for the acts of the KKK, Christian military compounds, and Hitler's Third Reich (who were in their mind good "christians")?

Assumption #2 - Churches care about the poor.  Sadly, this is proving more and more to be a completely backwards falsehood.  Again, I used to buy into it.  However, consider this.  When was the last time you saw a tv program or heard on the air about churches in your community holding a soup kitchen for the hungry, clothes for the homeless, or healthcare funds for the sick?  This is not to say it is not existing at all...I have seen a few local NON-CHURCH organizations that actually live the love of Christ, but almost all actual churches I have seen are too busy building really big buildings and getting great light shows or set decorations or such to give a single dollar that they take from the poor to actually help even the needs of those within their own churches.

Assumption #3 - The last point leads to this one...that the GOP is the party of Christ.  Well, how did Christ live?  He went about caring for the sick, feeding the hungry, and helping the poor and didn't do it saying... ARE YOU order to get any care.  Further, he lived in a very, very savage and corrupt government ruled land, and he didn't run for office or get political at all.  Conservatives can cloak their party in the Christian flag all they want, but Christ wasn't in any political party.  But, current day conservatives call themselves "Christian" for wanting to make abortion illegal, while they cut the very funds necessary upon which the un-aborted child will live.  Indeed, if Christians REALLY wanted to end abortion, they could cut it in half by engaging in national programs run out of their churches to provide a monthly check and shelter for single mothers to raise their unplanned pregnancies or to promote birth control to prevent he pregnancies to begin with...yet, they condemn the use of birth control and not only provide not a dime for raising the child out of their church tithes but promote politics to cut those benefits from the babies, as well.

Just a few uncomfortable, now that you heard them, will you adjust to them or follow the conservative lead and put your fingers in your ears and sign songs of self justification?

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