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Thursday, March 16, 2017

And now...from the deep state... (the FREE one)

And now...from the deep state (inspired by this week's Full Frontal with Samantha here (image above), your briefing.   It was my intention when I began this angle of this show to do a weekly blog, but ...O..M..G...can Trump do a lot of damage in one week.  I finally decided I must do a blog to try to stop the bleeding, after just a few days.

What happened?  Well, there are these stories...

Trump proposed eliminating the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanties

Trump proposed cutting the budget of the State Department and the EPA

Trump's party proposed a "health" plan that pushes 24 Million out of coverage and raises premiums nearly 10fold in ten years ("For a 64-year-old making $26,500, the cost would rise sharply, from $1,700 to $14,600."), but it gives a great tax cut to the rich.

So...where is the money going?  The "WALL" right?  Surely, that is it.  BZZZ.. Sorry.  No, it is going to a rise in the military budget to the size that the one year rise would fund PBS for 121 years.  Why would he need that?  THE WAR ON ISLAM I have been telling you is coming.  This week, he announced 1000 new soldiers being deployed in SYRIA.  Did you know we were at war in Syria?  Well, we are about to well as Iraq, Afganistan, and a whole host of other Islamic lands...who he wants to ban from coming in because...ding ding ding...he is about to be at WAR with them all.

 So...cut money from the poor for healthcare, cut funds for diversity and independent throught, cut protection of the environment, and cut State department officials budget that ...I don't know..may make PEACE with the countries he wants to have in his gun sites?  All, so he can launch a full scale war on an entire religion....because the crusaders going in and converting at the point of a sword made them love us so much they attacked us for a thousand years and even now.

Is this REALLY the country you want?  Is this what you want for your kids or for our reputation throughout the world?  But, the problem is that no one that voted for Trump is THINKING, only following.  They didn't think when they bounced to the tune of their pied piper, last year, and they are not thinking now.

I felt it was fitting to end this blog with quotes from the lyrics of two old school Christian bands, back when it was acceptable to challenge leadership and think for yourself.  If you were alive back then, you undoubtable remember these two favs of mine (their album covers at the pic, above, and I will put links on the songs, below for purchase).  I will end with them.  Until next time, stay free....

Whiteheart - Power Tools...

"You play follow the leader
No way you could ever be wrong
So you keep playing along
But he's lost, living in a lie
While your cost of giving goes sky high
For his piece of the pie
So take my hand
Just tell me what it costs
To see the Promised Land
I'm getting sleepier

"You gotta open your eyes
You better know who's making all the rules
Is he a man of God
Or just a baby with power tools?"

PFR (pray for rain) - Them

"And the band marches on and on and on without slowing
And their leader leads them on and on and on without knowing
Never looking back to see the mess that they had left behind
And the media mediates between the masses and the myth it creates
But it never knows the damage grows the more it bends the truth
They tell us what they want us to hear
They patronize our aching ears

"...How can you say, let's all remain, unaffected when
No lines are drawn and the band just marches on
and they forget you when you fall down."

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