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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Defiant Elegance


Tonight, my wife and I will make our 7th trip to the Tulsa Ballet in the last year and a half.  We both enjoy it, and it has been a part of our celebration of living life and culture in the town, since we have met.  And, fellas, it is a GREAT date idea to propose, because it not only is something that she will like for the culture of it, but it shows her that you both share some of her interests and that you desire to make her happy and are more sensitive and elegant than others that would routinely take them on a date to things that only they are interested in doing.

I led the article with dance images from the National Endowment for the Arts, which helps to fund community dance and theater productions, as well as much more.  Please go and visit their site... while you keep in mind that this is ONE of the culturally significant programs that our newly elected President is planning on DEFUNDING in his budget.  Another is the National Endowment for the Humanities.  More and more, President Trump reminds me of the second of two rulers in English history...Lady Jane Grey and Mary I...otherwise known as BLOODY MARY.

The story is this.  King Edward lie dying, and he knew that the throne would go, next, to his half sister Mary, but he feared what she would do to the kingdom, so he appointed the throne, instead to Lady Jane Grey (I am assuming the origin of the name of the tea).  However, the Privy council switched their allegiances, after Edward's death, and proclaimed Mary Queen.  IMMEDIATELY upon coming into power, Mary would start a campaign of rejecting her father's (Henry's) protestant reforms and the renaissance to usher in religious reformation and that included imprisoning and executing Lady Jane as well as scores of protestants and the arts throughout her kingdom.

Sound familiar?  Like say....Obama ushering in the ideas of human centered renaissance and a move of particularly religious people see their opportunity upon the death (term limit of Obama) to install a bloodthirsty leader who would, immediately upon taking office, execute (fire) those that held human centered thinking in the administration and install a system of imposed ethics and religious order (Mary demanded attending mass, and Trump wants to force religious views in classrooms and health organiations) upon the people.

However, what would be our response?  Be Elizabeth...her sister.  Wait out this fascist barrage, until it will be our time to restore sanity and care of the people and the arts to the world, who will have just seen very clearly what kind of rule results without it.

So, support the arts, be yourself, speak your mind, and wait for the world to wake up.  Until then, go out and enjoy a good dance or show.  You've earned it.

I am establishing new Pinterest boards on for the arts, both products and pics and articles supporting the Arts and Humanities.  Enjoy.

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