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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Freedom is Worth Fighting For...Join the Defense

I believe Freedom is worth fighting for...but, that is coming from one that has seen true oppression.  Too many in our society feel they are a "victim" or are "suffering" because their car didn't start in the morning, or others didn't rush at them with gobs of money or praise.  But, that is a product of the entitlement generation, and that entitlement generation is tied to the strongest selfishness that I have ever seen exist, within the last several years.

Well, as I have noted in my book, Forward to Happiness, my life has seen several periods and people, where I have faced individuals that did not care about MY needs or wants, so long as they got what THEY wanted, and they believed if I cared for them, I would surrender my own happiness and not expect them to notice or rectify that unhappiness, for them.  This was my ex, my sister, my oldest daughter, and some work places.  But, does it sound like someone else that you have heard in the last 6 months?  Of course it does....Donald Trump.  The last election was a divided election between Democrats that were pushing many social programs for the benefit of all Americans and a SUPER-RICH American representing other Americans whose message was very explicitly that they didn't WANT to be forced to acknowledge or fund anyone different from themselves.  Taxes for social programs?  Well, why would they want that?  They desired...and campaigned..on LOWER taxes to care LESS for others and more for themselves.  They campaigned on desiring WAR against entire religions different from themselves.  They campaign on throwing the starving refugees that escaped oppressive countries BACK to the oppressive regimes.  Why on earth would anyone think they would care for others?

Since the political movement was so bitter and angry and judgmental, who would have thought it would have spread?  I mean what family DOESN'T have immigrant or muslim or gay or transgendered or liberal members.  Surely, that would cause them to have second thoughts.  As it turns, it didn't, and we saw entire denominations of the "christian" churches backing a known sexual abuser and lusty, greedy, angry man that just radiated sin.  In my mind, if there ever was a clear picture of the "Great Apostasy" predicted for the end, this would be close.

However, as the election numbers came in, Hillary won the vote but Trump had played the system to be declared President.  Now...and this is attention to what happened, next...both from Trump Himself and all the people that voted for him.  Rather than acknowledge a divided country and have a President that failed to get the majority of the vote of the people and seek to compromise to unify the people (as EVERY president did before him), we had a President and supporters that stuck his middle finger in the air and said...I WON.  Now, everyone worship me by accepting UNQUESTIONINGLY the DRASTIC and UNPRESIDENTED changes he was making to the country he barely got elected to lead and actions the majority of almost every demographic opposed to very openly reject the very CONCEPT of FREEDOM to disagree and be different from how he was and FREE SPEECH to object.

Well, I believe that freedom is worth fighting something you would THINK the "conservatives" would applaud, since they praise the founding fathers that fought for the freedom to disagree and spent the last 8 years voicing that concern, even as they spun in lightning speed to become the voice of anti-freedom fascist control.

So, I have decided that I will be a voice of opposition until the greatest threat to the land of the free and home of the brave out of office.  I will be conducting weekly blog posts on this blog and promoting donations to the Democrat Party, which is the only party with the resources to get him out of office.  Join and donate here

Until the next post, live FREE.

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