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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Global...isolationism? And... Father Trump and the Court

There is a LOT of things that happened in the week to draw attention of readers. The GOP announced a health care plan that takes coverage and tax credits away from the poor and gives them to the rich. The EPA, National Endowment for the Arts, and other science and humanitarian programs were proposed to be cut. US troops killed scores of innocence in Syria in a bombing campaign. However, I want to focus on two specific stories of the week that apply to fascism's rise and where it is taking us.

I will start with the courts. We all know that he continues to create plans on erecting bans on people coming from "Muslim" countries, while claiming to the court that it is not a religious test of which countries to ban. But, it is a statement made by Trump ABOUT this process that caught my eye...

In a New York Times story, Trump was quoted talking about the court knocking down his bills and said... "'I have to be nice, otherwise I’ll get criticized for speaking poorly about our courts,' he said. But he could not help himself: The president soon suggested that the court that had just ruled against him should be destroyed. 'People are screaming, ‘Break up the Ninth Circuit!’ '"

 Don't just breeze over this.  It is a key to the mind of the leader and where he is taking us.  He casually says that people are saying he should break up the 9th Circuit Court of the Judicial System....implying and missed by the reporters...that he would have POWER to do so, even if he wanted to do it.  The separation of powers and checks and balances was no where in his head as even being existent to our Dictator Trump.  He was saying it was his benevolence as Father Trump to allow us to have courts.

And speaking of where Father Trump is leading us.

In 2015, Trump criticized the German leader for "ruining Germany" in a tweet.

And, this is the other area of concern for us and is entirely consistent with both the rise of socialist and communist dictators.  They all start by saying they want to separate from the rest of the world and are only for their own country....Hitler also was this way wanting to make Germany great, again...so was the soviets for USSR and all of them built borders to separate them from the world.  THEN, however, they started to tell the rest of the world how they should be.

So, the news weekly is about Trump saying this is how this country should be or that one and...oh by the way, we are putting troops in one or forcing countries to do things for us.  So, is it isolationism or global control.

One thing we know for sure.  They have an agenda not being shared with the rest of us...so, where are they taking us is the question we need to be asking.

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