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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Responsibly Leaving the Irresponsible (Freedom)

I was thinking, today, about several different frustrating things about me, and I was realizing that they all have one thing in common, and that one thing has MUCH in common with the themes of my first book, Forward to Happiness, volume 1.  Responsibility...or more precise, those without it.

This came about, as I was conversing with my wife about the apartment maintenance staff that we always have to push along....a LOT get anything done.  They took 15 times coming out the fall, before, to fix our air conditioning.  The apartment gates have been broken for 3 months, the apartments washer has been broken more than it has been fixed, and they have started NOT picking up the trash, for which we pay a fee.  However, they are not the only ones around me not showing responsibility.  I am in the process of finishing up my time at my job, before I leave to go somewhere else.  The ONLY reason I am not gone, yet, is my responsibility to improve what I am doing, there, to leave it better for the next person...a RESPONSIBLE thing to do.  However, I have been told OFTEN there how refreshing that is, because so few DO take responsibility.  I agree from my perception.

See, I have the disadvantage, in a way, of having both had managerial experience and having been trained how management SHOULD be, so I know when I am being shafted, so to speak.  Management, as it is defined and taught in all schools of thought, is being given responsibility over a group.  It is the step over individuals that are given responsibility over a task.  It is a process of delegation, not surrender.  The company, in hiring a person to handle a task is not (supposed to be) hiring someone to blame when things go badly.  It is hiring someone you are delegating to do the task that is...ultimately...their responsibility, because, when a person is hired to be the manager over a department, they are not hired to audit and fault that department but they are hired with the CUMULATIVE responsibility of all those under them.  If anyone fails at that desk, they have failed, so of course they would train them to succeed and empower them to do so.  That is...if in both cases of manager and employee...they are RESPONSIBLE people that feel the need to do a good job.

That, however, is missing in most of the world, today.  That was what inspired my book Living First Edition, as I stated that we needed to rise above the lowest common denominator of what I MUST do (or can get away with) to do a GOOD job and live well.  In work, that would be living up to the responsibility to do your job or train and assist those that do it for you.  In an apartment complex, it is doing the job you were hired to do...if maintenance to FIX things.  In romance, it means to be romantic and caring.  In fitness, it means to work out.  In politics, it means to represent the majority of the voters under you.

However, in NO case, does it mean taking the pay or title or benefits of a position or relationship or budget or whatever without taking the responsibility of LIVING the reality that goes along with it.  Yet, in our society, being irresponsible has become the status quo and almost defended as a RIGHT, complete with excuses of how they have been wronged in the past or current, so they are entitled to live and be less.

NO.....the solution to being among the irresponsible is not to adopt their irresponsibility or justify their failures, and me...people don't change.  The irresponsible about this, today, will be selfish and irresponsible about THAT tomorrow.  The only solution to this narcissistic and irresponsible culture is to walk away.   This is NOT to "teach them a lesson" as they will never learn, and they will blame you long after you left for their own failures.  It is for one reason....among your responsibility and chief among it is a responsibility to YOURSELF.  As Jesus says, we are to love others, as we love ourselves, so it must begin with loving yourself.  Being a slave to users and abusers is not love to them or ourselves, it is a surrender of our responsibility to our own future, and no one will honor us for that sacrifice in the future.

So, as irresponsibility and lack of empathy and integrity becomes more prevalent in our society, it is time that we use the balancing forces OF society....leave the irresponsible and let them fail.  Then, seek out those worthy.  Whether people or businesses or any other thing, that will result in the darwinian evolution of our own lives to be lives of happiness and potential.

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