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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Would You Want an Outsider Leading (or even helping) YOU?

This has been one of the coals in the fire of my mind for months, but the recent reactions of conservatives touting Trump as an "outsider" finally pushed me over the limit to make me want to address this absurd philosophy.  So it goes in the mind of the conservative..Trump's inexperience is a GOOD thing, because he is an "outsider." 

Well, as we come off a HUGE Failure (and of course if Trump were a failure he would say he is a HUGE one) of his anti healthcare measure (by definition you can't call taking care away a health care bill), the fact that he is an outsider is VERY clear, as he even insulted his own party and threatened them (literally) if they didn't go along with his bill.  Yeah...that's the way to motivate people to want to help you....say you will destroy them, if they don't.  They'll love you after that...not.

But, let's stop and deal with the very FOUNDATION of the outsider claim for a minute.  Let's not put this on a Presidential level but local.  I, often, find it is helpful to consider macro concepts on a micro level.  So, let's take this concept and apply it to you, personally. 

You go to a doctor, and he tells you that he didn't go to medical school, because those people are all fixed in their way, so he is an outsider without a medical license and wants to try new procedures on you let him do it?

Or, maybe, you need to have someone manage your finances and file your taxes.  You COULD go with the person that has an MBA or Accounting Degree and CPA certification, or you could throw off the establishment and have your plumber that never took an accounting class to do it.  Which do you do?

Shoot, let's put this down to retail level.  Do you want someone that never worked in a pizza place to make your pizza; a person who knows nothing about style to sell you clothing; a person who never picked up a pair of scissors to cut your hair?

Of course the answer is no.  NO ONE in their right mind would choose an outsider to do ANYTHING for them, nor would they want their boss at their work to be someone that has no experience doing their job to be leading them.  However, THAT is the non-logical logic of the conservative to conclude that someone that has never led a SINGLE civic service office would be good at running them all...someone that has never worked in healthcare or education or the environment would be qualified to disagree with the experts and decide what was best for ALL those in those fields to do...someone that has never served a day in the military to lead the military...someone that has not paid taxes in 20 years because of a MASSIVE FINANCIAL LOSS (and with 4 bankruptcies) to run the nation's economy...of COURSE it makes the mentally insane.

No.  No one would want an outsider to manage or service them, and it is NOT a good idea to have one running the country, either, and the lesson of THAT failed assumption is being played out before our very eyes.

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