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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Father of Lies

Why would anyone believe Trump on anything?  I cannot think of anyone that has more closely earned the title "father of lies" than him.  This week, we learned that when he was supposedly sending a battle group to fight North Korea he was, in fact, sending it in the opposite direction.  But that fits for a President that said he was going to build a wall that would not cost us anything, was going to provide more health coverage than Obama care, was going to reduce taxes on everyone, and said Hillary was under investigation by the FBI, Obama was wiretapping his house (and microwave), and that his administration was known for caring for the environment, even ad he cut federal aid to the agencies safekeeping it.

But, sure as anything, the "church" in America will keep declaring this confirmed liar a holy agent sent by God to... I guess kill Muslims and start wars, because that seems to be all he has accomplished.  The more the established church stands behind this man that expressly rejects love and pretty much every commandment of God, the more they confirm their faith is a lie, how easily they are sold, and that I am right to live my faith apart from them.  Maybe that is why twice as many people call themselves Christian in this country without going to church than those that go to a building to be told how to think.

Facts are facts, though, and the easiest way to decide liars from the true is action, so keep your eyes open, as things unfold.

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