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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Historical Fiction - Believe What You See

Next lesson in learning to be happy is to not allow yourself to be deceived by those that are using you, because the moment that you start to speak up or protest or complain, they will either spin it to try to blame you for your criticism or will make with false apologies to keep you around.  Why?  It isn't because they actually CARE if you are happy or not.  It is because by complaining or declaring you are going to leave them, you have made a statement that they are unsatisfactory.  This becomes a problem to the classical narcissist, who is focused upon themselves....again, not because you are unhappy but because they refuse to accept criticism of themselves.  They have to act to save are now a challenge for them to "win" and forget upon winning.

I can apply this to both personal experiences with individuals and employers from my past and present (as we all can), as well as the President of the United States..the boy that would be "King" if he could change the title.  I think our beloved dictator, in fact, is DEFINED by this need to compensate for inadequacy.  So far, he has had a few of his appointed positions have to leave the positions for breaking the law, has had executive powers from around the world declare his inexperience and failures, has had his executive orders denounced by the courts and his healthcare plan rejected by even his own party, has the lowest ratings of any President in recent history with only about a third approving of his job, enacted a hiring freeze that has paralyzed the government from acting, is proposing a budget that will cripple the science organizations even as he says he wants to shoot for the moon and fact...cut EVERY organization that he claims will be best in the world making them impossible to even be as good as his predecessor, has increased terrorist organization threats on our country, and has found himself the target of impeachment level investigations into his collusion with a foreign power to rig the US Election.

So, what is his response?

""I think we’ve had one of the most successful 13 weeks in the history of the presidency,” Trump told reporters on Air Force One." - The Hill

Yup...classic narcissist.  Evident failures, but....not only does he think he is doing good enough but is the MOST successful in human history.  This is how it goes with him, and it has been that way, since the beginning.  His wall would be the BEST.  He will have the MOST atomic bombs.  He will have the largest war force.  He cannot be inadequate in his mind.  Shoot, he even spent a month whining about the fact that Hilary Clinton got more votes than he did (something that any NORMAL person would take as a cue to center himself to the voting public but no...he WON, even if only electoral, so he gets to call the shots and decide what is best for the majority that voted against him).  And, when history or the news is against him, it is "fake" and must be replace by his own crafted story of the truth.

Too bad that historians don't write historical fiction but facts, and in the end all people should remember not what they are told or excuses made by those saving face but what actually transpires ...and not just one time but continuous..for how things really are and make life choices from that reality.  Only then will we walk free from shadows of praise and promises to a firm road to a prosperous future.

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