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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Links Page for Forward to Happiness / Godwitch / Run My Own Life

Welcome to my social mini-web. I will keep this at the top of both my blogs on which it will sit..scroll down to the next post for the newest blogs.

As my different ventures have grown and taken on different focuses, I have found it difficult to keep in one blog, so I branched out, tying all of them together (kinda inefficiently) through a Pinterest page that also had links to my blogs. However, recent changes by Pinterest have made that difficult, therefore, I am going to push all my pages back to this page, as EACH in it's own way, presents a way to live forward from the constraints and past that have held us to a better way, whether that be via exercise, magic, relationships, politics, or simply presenting products to help you be an amazing original you in a world of copies and live forward to what you desire, not chained by your past or your fears.

As I said, my little world has become quite a web, so to keep track of it, and to follow my works, here are my links to my pages and contact information....

Instagram -Fitness/Yoga/Running - @runlifekwc
-Lifestyle/News/Romance/Scifi/Culture/Alcohol @livelifekwc

Twitter -Fitness/Yoga/Running - @runlifekwc
-Lifestyle/News/Romance/Scifi/Culture/Alcohol @poetsoulken

-Godwitch Tumblr associated with but for more frequent posts.

Pinterest -All of the above - @livingfirstedit

Contact or

I would suggest the latter, as the former gets a LOT of junk email, and I might miss one.

I no longer operate on my Facebook page, and it will be shut down within the next few months.

Also, I have written a few books from past writings for inspiration in different areas, and they are....

Thanks for the visit. Please enjoy the blogs. I hope they help you in your journey.

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