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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

My Week in Review (notes on employment, relationships, and fitness)

I am going to start doing personal, weekly, blogs on to serve for all of my blogs. 

So, this week has begun with an ongoing declaration of independence from a job that has become the strongest cautionary experience of my career life.  I don't need to go into specifics, but it all boils down to a few principles that I have seen repeatedly in business in America growing.  Most companies, however, only have the beginnings of these flaws, while the company I am leaving had perfected them.  The new, young workers that start working there do not know it is supposed to be any different.  I have the advantage, however, of not only experience in GOOD companies but an MBA of training on what management is supposed to be.  And, that is the reason I am leaving, not for my inability to perform. Indeed, I was given the most complex plant to "fix" and was offered 10,000 to remain for just a few more months.  However, after bringing forth my concerns and objections a month prior to giving my notice, I saw management shelve them, as they had bought me with the bonus offer and felt no need to improve, and I saw us running toward the end of a cliff with very preparation for that....and looking ahead, I felt that it would only hurt my career to remain through that.

As it turns out, I was right to be concerned that my association with that company had already hurt my career.  As I started meeting with staffers and recruiters, I kept hearing, " are from THAT company.  We have heard of them."  As to how it hurts my employment opportunities, I would point to something said by one of the staffers in an interview a few weeks ago and something I heard, yesterday.  A few weeks ago, one of the staffing company reps I met with said, "There is discussion around town about that company, and we are all trying to determine if it is the COMPANY or the employees that is causing it to fail."  Then, yesterday, the hiring official said, "I lost some people to that company, because they were offered more money, but those people were not quality workers, anyway."

And, it's true that there were low quality people there with me....not only in the lower ranks but the upper ranks, as well.  The reason in part for this is that it is a new company into that industry, and they are still trying to work out the bugs in their procedures.  Being new, they couldn't attract the highest quality employees, so there were many that were NOT very good at their job, mixed into those like myself that were hired to balance out the inexperience and ignorance in the staff, and at first...that was attractive.  Come in and be the shining example of talent and rise up in the ranks to management, quickly.  I was estimating being in management there in 6-8 months, and I could have had it.  However, I didn't consider a few points, and I want to list them, here, for others that could be falling into the same passive controlling trap.

-Narcissists, who have a high value of themselves but don't want to put for the effort to learn or act, SEEK OUT others to do things for them.  I have seen this in my past marriage to someone similarly self-centered, but I have also seen that relationships and work share the SAME principles and outcomes.

-While lack of preparation by workers is difficult, lack of preparation and self-training by managers is paralyzing and suicidal.  You can only do so much as a worker, and, if management is not living up to their own responsibilities but are pushing them down the chain to the lowest members to blame for failure, it is a formula for failure, as they will take credit for every good and blame the bottom for every bad.

-Consider the management style.  When I was learning my MBA, I learned about the sectors of management style, and which industry was fitting for each.  Just because something is a successful management style in one area does not mean it would work in another.  A military environment, for example, is most effectively run on command and unquestioned obedience (of course the commanders must be trained and experienced to make this work, also), but outside of that or another civil service job like police or firefighting, the OTHER work environments need POSITIVE rewards to not only effectively run a work environment but keep employees.  People want to feel that they are respected...not only as a worker but as a human being, but many managers, today, have adopted a.... I am higher than you so you do what I say ...mentality demanding unquestioned response and audit the behavior of those under them.  But, in a work environment, this is the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot.  As a manager, you are tasked with the responsibility of the tasks carried out by those under you, but if those under you do not feel respected or feel appreciated, they will not feel inspired to do well and may leave the job to find other places they are, which will lead to task failure and the blame must go somewhere.  If this blame is pushed down, as well, people will definitely leave, and the cycle goes downward to destruction.

-Consider the REST of your life and what is important.  Work life balance, contrary to this company's perception and much of industry, is not an excuse or distraction.  It is LIFE.  While it is true that many spend more hours at their job than their home, I know of very few that are living for work.  Instead they are working to live.  In my own life, my salary paid or work done is a FAR way down on my priorities than the happiness of my wife, my kids, or myself; and, if that work create obstacles for that priority, I must will all eventually.  Work either provides a happy life, or it leads them to seek another job.

And so, I have put in my declaration of independence and have left the company (and couldn't resist singing Les Miserables songs in the process).  The reactions I got from many is my next point.  Upon putting in my notice, the others that were unhappy at the job, while being happy that I was "escaping" from it, was SHOCKED I did so without another job to take it's place.  This is a very popular reaction, and I have seen it a lot over time.  Indeed, many companies DO consider it a bad sign, when it SHOULD be seen as a good one...the employee knew enough to not want their record tarnished by a bad company.  However, just consider this from a relationship perspective (recall I said they share the same principles and outcomes).  How would you view someone in a relationship that had reached their breaking point in the relationship and said, "Well, I don't want to be without a relationship, so I will just stay this bad one and start trying out new ones till I find a better fit; and, then, I will leave."  I would HOPE that everyone would reject that mentality...though it does appear to be growing in many relationships, as well.  It's called cheating.  When I knew my last marriage was over, I left...I didn't shop around while in a bad relationship.  That is because it is a two step process.  1.  finding what doesn't work for you and leaving it.  2.  Finding what does work for you.  If you are looking for 2 as a replacement for 1, you are going to be more apt to accept ANYTHING as a replacement, and that can lead to another relationship or career failure.  You have to follow your self respect out the door and into what you deserve, instead, even if on the way to the new solution you have to work little jobs (or date around, after leaving) till you find it.

Magically, the universe seems to be smiling on my decisions (see my Godwitch Tumblr).  Leading up to my departure, I draw a card from my Tarot deck several times that was moving out of rough waters into calm ones.  Then, after leaving, last night, I drew three cards from the deck...all from different parts in the deck as I felt led to go to them and placed them down without interpreting them,yet.  Then, I felt led to open my Bible and was led to Psalms and chapter 78 and verse 23.  It is in the middle of 3 verses, where the people were nervous about following God, but he "gave a command to the skies above and opened the doors of the heavens" ...which was read just as a storm began outside.  Then, I read the cards, and they all...all from different suits...were interpreted that now was the time for stability and balance in your life.  Basically, go forward, it will unfold as it should for happiness.  And, so I look forward to the days to come as I see how that will be fulfilled.

But, all of this change has not slowed my fitness goals.  This month, I had, already, increased my per run goal from 3 miles to 3.5 miles, but the last week I have started doing daily exercise of some kind, even if only leg lifts at the end of the day with my Core Performer or Yoga, and that has strengthened my running muscles, leading to my ability to handle longer distances more often.  Yesterday, I increased that to 4 miles, and I am going to try to keep doing that distance in the runs to come.

Now, while I am a running blogger by definition...I run and I blog, I am not one of those hard body, super diet, people with fast running times.  If that is what you are looking for, you will face disappointment.  My goal in my Run Your Own Life Instagram, Twitter, and blog is not to replace your life with another slave master, telling you what you have to do, but to show how you can integrate fitness into a normal life, will see on my Lifestyle Instagram a LOT of pictures of alcohol, foot, and pleasure.

So, that is my week in review.  I will do another one telling how things are going, next week.

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