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Thursday, April 20, 2017

National Security Risk by Buying STEEL? Fascism birthing.

So, on my way home from work, I see this news story pop up on my Washington Post news app...

"The Trump administration has launched an investigation into whether foreign imports of steel compromise U.S. national security, a step towards fulfilling a campaign promise of cracking down more severely on the unfair trading practices of countries like China.

"President Trump gathered with steel industry executives and press in the Oval Office Thursday to sign a memo directing the Commerce Department to expedite the investigation, which was officially launched Wednesday night. Trump called the signing 'a historic day for American steel and, most importantly, for American steelworkers.'" Washington Post

Get that?  Yup...somehow, an American...NON GOVERNMENT company having the choice to buy STEEL from a company in another country....ANY other a threat to national security.  Uh huh...

I actually predicted this right after the election, as I saw the fast upramp to the creation of a fascist country, and I started thinking through the mental dominoes that...invariably by all fascist countries over time....Hitler, Mussolini, etc.. takes place, as the dictator starts on their quest to make Germany, Italy, or even the USA great again.  In order for any leader to fulfill a promise to make America great again, it necessitates the power to control all factors in that nation and, thus, control that nation.  So, of course, they must be able to control the citizens right to buy whatever they want, and of course they wrap it in the flag of "national security," even as they take away the freedom that flag represents.

Today, it is STEEL that must be controlled for "national security" and, tomorrow, it will be the freedom for the press or the people to speak out in favor of Muslims or against the President, because...of course..if they speak out against Trump, it could rally others against him and he would see that as a threat to HIS National Security..or his security as being President.

So, I had to write this blog, so that it doesn't go unnoticed, even if it IS buried in the news under much less important stories....or much flashier distractions so you don't notice that the US President just demanded that non government workers follow his orders, so doing...make the entire population under submission to our Supreme Leader Trump.  Ugh.

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