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Sunday, April 16, 2017

News Review: The War President Playing Risk With the World

I would lead by saying ...what a week with Trump in the White House, but has it not hit everyone, yet, that this is how EVERY week will be with him in the White House?  We have a President that, before Presidency, wanted all eyes on him, and he did extreme and controversial things just to be notice and to pump his ego.  So, it should come as no surprise, when President Trump is doing the same thing.

A few of the things from this week worth noting, along our decline toward the end of the nation...which a growing segment of society is realizing and joking that we should enjoy Easter, as it may be the last one, or SNL having Baldwin Trump telling his Vice President that his Presidency is coming to an end.  When the actor playing the VP says that he has a lot more days to go, Baldin-Trump asks him if he didn't see his North Korea tweets and saying the nation will all be over, soon.

Indeed, it is sad that we now, have a President that is so extreme that we have Russia and Iran as more diplomatic on Syria (calling for an International investigation of the Syrian gas charges), and a North Korea government more level headed ..

"North Korea’s vice foreign minister said that Trump was 'becoming more vicious and more aggressive' than previous presidents and that this was only making matters worse.
'Trump is always making provocations with his aggressive words,' Han Song Ryol told the Associated Press in an interview in Pyongyang."

Indeed, it seems to be the perception of every world power around the world that Trump is a madman with his finger on a trigger, and who can blame them.  Since before even being elected, he was promoting building a wall to protect us from non-existent invaders, and his budget cut almost every social program, so he would have a big army and start wars around the world.  I am starting to think that Trump loves to play Risk or Command and Conquer, and he is so happy to have his opportunity to take on the world.  In one week, he has sent Cruise missiles into SyriaDropped a 'big beautiful bomb' (per Fox News) on Afghanistan, and sent an Aircraft Carrier group to threaten North Korea.  But, hey... this is according to a well thought out military plan, right? 

So I said, we’ve just launched 59 missiles, heading to Iraq,” Trump said in an interview, before being corrected by a reporter. he didn't even remember which country he bombed, he was just happy he got to bomb someone. 

All I can say after this week and at Easter?  God help us.

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