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Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Abuse of the Naive (Judgment Impaired)

Next topic of discussion is the Naive.  I am putting it mildly to put it as "judgment impaired"...really, I should call them abuse accomplices, because...after a few times of being fooled..they are willing participants in their own abuse.

I am coming to the realization that there are two types of people out there, and each cannot understand each other.  That is why they have gravitated to political parties of those that share their views of people they CAN understand.  The two groups are motivated by two different things.  One is motivated by getting as much for themselves as possible, and the routinely post about working hard to achieve their goals, and the goals are more for themselves....not just money but status and power.  The other group is motivated by care for others and society at large, and they willingly refuse money, power, and status to achieve balance and social interaction.  The first group sees the second group as weak for giving up their dreams for others, and they violently protest the idea that they would have to...for taxes from their "winnings" of their efforts to pay for those that have not worked for them, while the second group sees the first group as mean and heartless and cold.  I tend to fall in the second group.

That said, the point of this article is about the lies each of those groups say to themselves about themselves.  There are on both sides of that spectrum those that believe they stand for principle, when they really just stand for social acceptance, and that is where I differ from both of those groups.  One thing that I have noticed is that the older people get the less they care what anyone thinks about them, and that is when they become more free with their opinions....and that makes for a good social blogger, per say.

Anyway, this week saw several examples of those that lie to themselves.  This week, we began the week with conservatives taking to the airways to say that we could not afford any social programs.  Indeed, the White House of the Trump dictatorship said that he could not ask a widow or coal miner to pay for PBS (which would educate their children), but they could ask for defense in the raised military budget.  Yes....the story was that there simply was not enough money to pay for both the military's 54 Billion dollar military BUDGET increase AND paying for the Endowment for the Arts and Humanities.  Now, that is in my opinion a very poor prioritization of money paid into the government by the people to not fund the people, but it was at least logically sound.  It COULD be a legitimate frame of mind.  HOWEVER, then, we get to the end of  the week, and Congress was challenging the President's tax cuts that he was proposing, and the statement of the President left my mouth open....well...the White House said...the President has always been open to the idea of RAISING THE DEBT CEILING to pay for the tax cuts, and all the greedy people cheered that they wouldn't have to pay for other people in taxes.

HOWEVER, stop and consider for a moment the SECOND statement I just said in context to the FIRST statement they said.  Just this week, the White House was saying there just wasn't enough money to pay for the arts or humanities or meals on wheels or healthcare for the poor.  The money just didn't exist, they were saying, AT THE VERY SAME TIME THEY WERE PLANNING TO RAISE THE DEBT CEILING.  SO....if they were willing to raise the debt ceiling to cut taxes, why would ANY social program need to be cut?

So, then, it is all a lie.  They didn't HAVE to cut a SINGLE program, but they CHOOSE to cut the programs, because they fall into the first group at the start of this post, and the whole time it wasn't about dollars and defense but NOT WANTING TO PAY FOR OTHERS.  The whole time, it has been a calculated way to NOT care and to GAIN for themselves.

Yet....and coming back to the point of this blog post, conservatives were proper puppets of their puppet master and mouthed both sides of the hypocrisy.  First, the conservatives were saying that there wasn't enough money to pay for the poor.  Then, they were saying there WAS enough money to cut taxes on the rich.  Truly, Scripture has it right, when Jesus said that it is near impossible for a rich man to enter heaven, saying, "For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." (1 Timothy 6:10)   Truly, the "christian" Church has departed from the words and example of a Jesus that never got a paycheck or built a building but fed and healed the poor to become the temple of the Pharisees that wanted status and position and power and, in fact, attacked those that were hurting and begging for temple money....driving them away from their temples and leaving them poor and alone.  Now, we have big church buildings in the midst of poor communities, and while there is weekly calls from money FROM the poor for their newest temple projects, there is scarcely EVER a word of money going OUT for helping anyone, even those in the church.

Yet, they naively proclaim themselves righteous and the candidate doing God's will, when they really mean their candidate is going to get them more money and a bigger building and more power, and the church of Christ has become the very institution that chanted "crucify him" for simply trying to love.

My prayer this weekend is that the scales of self deceit will fall from their eyes, because until they recognize how lost they are, they will not even seek to leave their abusers and follow the path to redemption.

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