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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Trump Making Tea MAKERS Party Happy, While Villagers Unite

Once upon a time, we had this Republican move that caught my attention, and I found myself impressed by it's ability to cause people to think for themselves and stand for themselves.  It was called the Tea Party, and it was explicitly created to stand for the little guy, referencing back to the time when the Colonies would dump their tea in the sea out of the ships, rather than drink it for big business.  So, the story goes, this party would push for the little guy to stand against the establishment, and it would stand for freedom and liberty and the American Way.

Well, what has happened to the GOP and that tax party movement?  Today, we saw the President's new tax plan...yeah, the President that the tea party helped to elect....and what is the summary of EVERY news source upon looking at it?  It benefits the rich, and it eliminates deductions for the poor.  Indeed, this accountant saw that very clearly in just one element of the tax plan, which was not even the element that most paid attention changed the 7 tax brackets into 3 tax brackets.

And so, the simpleton conservative says....hey, 3 is less than 7, so taxes are reduced.  Well, let's walk through that, and we don't even need the exact breaking points of those 3 groups to do it.  I will do it graphically with dashes...



So, now, look above.  3 is INDEED less than 7, so a wider range is covered by the same tax rate.  So, for those that WERE in the OLD 7 step tax brackets, it means they will pay LESS than they used to to get down to the averaged larger tax bracket, while those that WERE in the lower ones will pay MORE in the averaged tax plan.  For example, the OLD B is now paying the rate of C (a reduction), and the OLD D is paying the wider averaged rate of C, as well (an increase).  So, with perspective, those that MAKE MORE will pay LESS TAX, while those that MAKE LESS will pay more of it to fund the tax breaks of the rich.  How...anti - Robin Hood....

I don't think that Trump and the GOP want to keep referencing the Revolutionary Fathers, because they were poor people that were protesting against the rich English living in their land, and just like EVERY rich despot in history, it eventually leads to a peasant revolt, and the next elections will not be kind, as those voters come to regret voting for their own loss of healthcare or benefits and tax increases, while the rich line their pockets with gold.  As the saying goes...fool me once, shame on you.  Food me twice, shame on me.  And, I don't anticipate the Republicans winning any more elections by pissed on constituents in the near elections.

I honestly think we are sitting in a historical cycle that can last be seen in the period leading up to FDR and the New Deal that put democrats in charge of the government for an entire generation...indeed, they had to change the constitution to keep that Democrat from serving more, because he was not only loved but respected by the little people that he spent his service trying to protect and benefit.

I look forward to our new FDR to come, and the generation to follow.

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