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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Waiting to Hear What I Believe ... Fascist Morals

I was having a Twitter conversation the other day with someone that first was declaring Trump God's man, because she had prayed for him to be President. When I said I prayed to and yet Trump became President against it, she switched to declare Trump the solution to a country that left the beliefs of the founders.  So, I questioned if the founders that wrote the first amendment protections of free speech and religion would like limiting both if the person was liberal or Muslim.  Then, she abandoned that argument to declare herself a victim for not being able to tell others how they can live their lives.  Get that?  A victim for not being able to control others....

Now, while this is horrible, it is not new and is not surprising.  First... the argument that someone should be "free" to control others was pretty much the whole argument of the Confederates that wanted the "freedom" to have slaves.... the Confederates whose states and decendants just voted to elect Trump.

It is also not surprising to hear her shifting arguments like that.  The conservative movement has lost almost all ability to think for itself ...long before this election...and that started in the Christian Right distortion of church.  This movement has declared to itself that it is not only too hard to think for themselves but not proper.  No... see, they say...

"I am a horrible person (so said the church) and the minister is good because he has a Bible degree.  And, if he says something is God, it has to be."

And, so, we end up with the poor of the community giving to rich pastors to build large buildings and declare it charity.  So, the fascist movement saw an opportunity within this weakness and formed the Christian Right or Moral Majority to use them.  I am not speaking from ignorance but as someone with a degree from the University of one of the Moral Majority founders...Falwell.

See, they figured out that if they declared someone or something political as being not of God or of God that none of their sheep (they call themselves shepherds) would question it.

And it seems to be working very well. The conservative Christian movement elected a confessed adulterer that was not a peacemaker but was rich (all of which Jesus spoke against) and declared him God's man.  Then, they take his plan to cut funds for food and medicine from the poor and give to the rich and declare that righteousness. However, as I said they are in practice of doing this on a weekly basis for their rich pastors and big buildings.

A lot of people on the left focus on our fascist President, but as I have been saying since the election was that if it wasn't Trump it would be another fascist leader at the head of the GOP. ...why?  They NEED someone to tell them what to believe ...their pastor conditioned them to require it.

But, to end with a positive note....another thing I have been saying since the election.  The conservatives have been an opposition party of "victims" for a long time.  They don't know how to operate, otherwise...which is why that woman was declaring to me that her free speech to condemn was being limited by the politically correct.... not realizing with the last election SHE is the PC one limiting others, and we see this from ALL the GOP leaders that are now in power but acting the victim.  Their need to blame and condemn will tear the party apart, and the health care failure is only the first example of that. 

It will be an entertaining thing to unfold the next few years, and hopefully the public will choose a grown up leader next time to actually care for the people under them.

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