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Sunday, May 21, 2017

A List of Ways Trump is Screwing Conservatives (while they thank him for it)

I have been amazed at how many things conservatives have missed in electing Trump, such as Christian conservatives that ignored his flagrant lust and greed in contradiction to their own Biblical morals.  However, recently, I have been amazed at several ways that Trump's path is going to come back to bite conservatives OWN DESIRES in the future and amazed that they are flat out choosing to ignore it...even with it so obvious.

So, for those that haven't seen it, yet.  Here are a few of the realizations I noticed..

1.  State's Rights - Conservatives love to point to this one...yup.  Whether it be the state's right to discriminate as they see fit, arm themselves to fit their fear, or Biblical doctrine they desire to teach as science, conservatives have rang this state right bell as long as they have been political...indeed, the SAME exact states have been ringing that bell since they claimed the state right to own PEOPLE in the civil war.  However, I don't think they have thought this through.  If we do away with a Federalist system, one thing that goes away WITH it is Interstate Commerce.  I mean....really...I am down for that change, if they want it.  Basically, it means that all the LIBERAL states they condemn would be able to charge a greater TAX on conservative states for the goods and services that they use.  So, New York could charge a higher tax to the midwest for educational materials, artistic productions, newspapers, books, etc, and California could charge more for the midwest to buy movies and wine and such....while the liberal states could pay more for...what exactly?  Plus, the colleges on the coasts could, then, refuse to accept diplomas from those midwestern schools that bypassed educational requirements.  The conservatives would immediately start demanding that they be given equal treatment under....FEDERALISM of protections and accreditations from the very National government they want to destroy.

2.  Government Benefits - This point is very timely, as the news of the night is that tomorrow Trump plans to propose cutting medicaid health insurance and food stamp assistance for the poor.  I don't think conservatives have really paid attention to who USES those benefits.  It's not really liberal states.  My own experience with seeing those benefits being used is by my own relatives and peers IN OKLAHOMA and other midwestern states, and while Trump judges those using them like they are dirty beggers fogging up his window, the majority that I have seen using them have been single mothers and those working their asses off trying to pay their bills and student loans and coming up short...and the large majority of those on them vote....ding ding ding... REPUBLICAN.

3.  And that brings me to my final point of the night...the rich.  Trump was rich before he was President.  Indeed, he got his start with a million dollar gift from his daddy.  He has never cared about the people he was representing, as evidenced by the fact that he picks targets like he is blindfolded with a machete...everyone is expendable but his ego.  But, have conservatives really THOUGHT about how all this will unfold?  Whether Trump gets impeached or not, the more the religious right and conservatives tout the morals of someone that just took grandma's healthcare away, cut the food stamps from their relatives, or insulted the heritage of 10s of millions of immigrants, the more they are marginalizing the rest of their careers.  Trump doesn't CARE if he loses the President.  As I said, he was ALREADY rich and is just making himself RICHER as President to enact policies that will make him money on the backs of everyone else; however, what happens to the REST of the GOP in his wake?  Honestly, I am kinda excited about that, to be honest.  I see us, currently, in the beginning of a historical cycle that in one incarnation led to FDR and the Democrats owning the government for a generation, and I mean...does ANYONE disagree with me on this?  Are YOU planning on voting for MORE cuts to your aid so the rich can get richer off of you?  This can only end one way....the same way that EVERY rich asshole has ever gone down in history.  The only question is how many Republicans fall on his sword and get a footnote in that history book with him.

But...hey... at least watching the conservatives make a fool of themselves praising their President screwing them is entertaining.

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