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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Trump's New Emerging Axis of Power (WWII re-emerging)

Trump's New Emerging Axis of Power (WWII re-emerging)

One of the many things this site has taken on is the illumination of the fascism movement that brought us Trump, as President.  While I had posted sporatically about it, before, what the last election showed me is my own (as well as all society) failure in educating and illuminating the errors of the past and present, so as to help us prevent repeating those days.  So, when Trump became a serious candidate for President, it startled me, but...I told myself....don't worry about it.  People would never be that stupid or reckless.  Then, as he gained speed, I was convincing myself....well, we have a level headed former Secretary of State, former Senator, and former member of the White House running against him.  There is no way that this hothead with no experience or plan will beat her.  When that happened (while not in the popular vote but electoral) and while everyone else was shocked by the man that won, I was more shocked and concerned for what brought him there...his base.  Because, I knew that if you removed Trump without first affecting the base, it was only a matter of time till someone else fit their bill for supreme leader, and so I started this focus of bringing history and contemporary together and illuminating the truths they would rather not have known...not only GOP truths but Religious Right ones, as well.  One thing this election has shown is that we cannot just turn a blind eye to their power hungry controlling crusade, who is every bit as dictatorial on how everyone else (not just church members) should live as Sharia Law, while being utterly anti-christian in nature (I had my own college Bible training to illuminate me on that).  And, now, I stand in the line of fire of bringing forth secrets other would rather not have heard.  Whatever...not like I care about a little fight for freedom.

And, so, to the history-contemporary moment of the week... Trump's fascination and alliances with other fascist dictators.  The Press...many of whom are probably equally uneducated, as history is no longer a required course in many states... are baffled by his comments over the weekend....

"Trump stunned politicians and pundits when he complimented Kim in an interview with CBS that aired Sunday.
'At a very young age, he was able to assume power,' Trump said. 'A lot of people, I'm sure, tried to take that power away, whether it was his uncle or anybody else. And he was able to do it. So obviously, he's a pretty smart cookie.'
In an interview with Bloomberg News, Trump said he "would be honored" to meet North Korea's brutal dictator under the right circumstances" - NBC News

Stunned...really?  A man with a brutal thirst for power stunned the world by admiring another man that has a brutal thirst for power?  Indeed.  He found his asian soul brother that shares his point of view for ruling.  It's not like his love of brutal tyrants is a new thing.  From before the election, he has been in a love fest with Russian leader Putin, who helped him get elected to power.  Yeah...Putin who re-established the ruling Coat of Arms for his country upon taking lead (top left in above pic) with the crown and septer, despite there being no official "king" in the country.  I say no OFFICIAL King, because no one is allowed to do anything he doesn't want in that country.  Recently, someone was arrested for playing Pokemon Go in one of his official churches and sentenced to 3 years in jail.  Critics of his have a habit of coming up DEAD, even if they run to another country.  Yet, Trump says of Putin...

“Then Putin said, ’Donald Trump is a genius, he’s going to be the next great leader of the United States.’ No, no, think of it. They wanted me to disavow what he said. How dare you call me a genius. How dare you call me a genius, Vladimir. Wouldn’t it be nice if we actually got along with Russia? Wouldn’t that be good?'"

and, when challenged on his support for Putin, despite him being a killer...

"'There are a lot of killers,' Trump says. 'Do you think our country is so innocent? Do you think our country is so innocent?'" - CNN

Indeed...Trump isn't particularly concerned with their human rights abuses..

"Yet Trump’s advisers say the President’s silence on human rights matters is purposeful, part of a grand strategy to rebuild alliances or create new ones." - The Independent (from where pic above comes, as well)

So, he is openly and intentionally not bothered by human rights abuses (and why would he be as he is not really concerned with US rights, either), and that realization, as builds "alliances" with those countries is somehow shocking people?

We would do well to keep in mind that there was once another far right politically leader that was backed by his church, wanted to build his country into a great power and made alliances with other strong dictators around the world.  His name was Hitler, and the alliances was the Axis...

"The Axis championed authoritarianism, autarky, and a variant of capitalism that integrated state management and investment." - Wikipedia

Hmmm state run resources (such as steel) and investment (banks, markets) in an authoritarian government...where have I seen that, before?

It's time Americans wake up.

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