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Sunday, May 7, 2017

"Freedom" to Take Away Freedom?

In the last few weeks, I have had a few conversations with a few online that highlights the mis-application of "freedom" as used by the "Christian" conservatives, as well as every Fascist leader, throughout history.  To walk through one of them as an example, the person was declaring the victories of the President, against the left and gays and etc.  When I argued freedom and liberty, the other person immediately jumped on that to say that if she thought gays were evil, shouldn't she have the freedom to believe that?

So, I think we need to do a basic definition and course in what FREEDOM is, as recently the "land of the FREE" is anything but.

So, first, what is freedom?  Freedom is the converse of being binded.  You are either restricted from being or doing or you are FREE to be or do.  Imagine a slave in chains.  They are bound and unable to do as they want to do.  So, then, we had a Civil War in the USA, so that the PERSON in chains could be FREE from those bounds.  I am using this example to answer the President of the USA, who said...

"People don’t ask that question, but why was there the Civil War" - New York Times

Indeed, let me tell you as someone that grew up in the mid-west and still resides out here (for now), he is not alone in that opinion.  Still, 150 years after the civil war, you STILL have the large majority opinion that the Civil War was just the Federal Government taking away their FREEDOM and CHOICE as a state and that the issue was Federal Powers over their own, local choices.  And, if you as many Trump supporters out there about Trump, they will frame it (as with the woman above) as a question of defending their FREEDOM from the left.

Here is where that is a problem.  While it is true that the government DID restrict the FREEDOM of the RIGHT in that war, it was restricting their right TO OWN PEOPLE...restricting their freedom to take away freedom.  Indeed, ALL LAW does that.  Every criminal believes they have the FREEDOM to take what they want from others and they would, absent LAW and GOVERNMENT to stop them.

And, that is the point of even HAVING a government, to restrict the FREEDOM of those with POWER to protect those without, and that makes sense why those with wealth and power want to take away money from the poor and employment protections, so they have the LIBERTY to use them for their own, selfish gain.  That is the difference between having INDIVIDUAL liberty and a freedom that contains EQUALITY or the belief that EVERYONE is entitled to care and protection, not only the Darwinian Hunger Games of survival of the powerful.

A recent Doctor Who episode had the Doctor saying, "The value you put on a life without privilege. That's how you define an age."  And, that is how you define Freedom on a SOCIETY level, not whether the powerful have freedom to take but the degree to which that is restricted by law so that "the least of these" (Matthew 25:40)  have freedom from slavery or binding keeping them from choosing who to love or how to live or what to be as an individual, provided they are not harming others in doing so.

So, yes, you have your freedom to be a bigot and hate others for simply being different, but that changes when you take on the attitude of the criminal that believes that freedom entitles you to take from OTHERS the choice to disagree or live different from your own morals or religion, unless your intent is to create a religious state of inquisition and punishments, and if that is your goal your narcissism would probably so blink you that you wouldn't even be THINKING of others, only your own plan to control the world and freedom would be an impossible concept there.

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