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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Peace, Love, and Freedom

I had a dream... an ironic way to lead this post, but I really did have a dream.  In this dream, I was wandering between lots of people all gathered tightly in a place but in groups, and one large group was people in old military style uniforms and we're engaged in battle, while another segment was protesting the battle and as I looked at them I realized they were the peace, love, and freedom protestors of the 60s-70s. Then, it hit me ... and made me feel a little stupid that I had missed it, having studied history.  We are at the cusp of a history cycle that has repeated, many times .... a period of fascist control and war to be followed by a period of personal freedom and rejection of authoritarian power.  The clearest American example of this in recent history was this movement mid-century, last century.

Actually, the parallels are quite shocking... it's like nothing was learned, so we are having to learn it all, again.  Or, maybe it is just a necessary society cycle in a greedy, capitalism system to remind business and government that PEOPLE matter... lives matter... choices matter.... FREEDOM  matters.
Consider.  How many of these protest themes are valid, today?

... fighting a war thousands of miles away, that have no sign of ending....including against North Korea, again, which pre-dated the peace movement..against Republican military promoting leaders.
...ban the bomb protests, against nuke development and proliferation  (which Trump wants to develop and expand)
...a government. ..indeed...a REPUBLICAN  (same) that is corrupt and is under investigation and where the President fired the FBI leaders investigating him.
...woman groups protesting in the streets, as political groups (again GOP) enact policies that limit their choices and their pay.
...African American protests of racial discrimination and profiling from the police... again, against GOP/Republican opposition.
...protests of government attacks on Freedom of Expression and Choice... such as choosing to burn the flag or sexuality or political philosophy....again... against GOP restrictions on it.

I hope you see the common factor there.  I think Republicans have come into power so slowly that the world forgot the dangers that fascism presents to the citizens or the world.  My hope is that I can see the flickers of this movement igniting, and I look forward to seeing the flame of freedom purifying our nation of the selfish and destructive forces (in government, business, and society) that would devour us to their end and forget us, after.

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