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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Runlifemay17 1st Midweek Review and Notes

Runlifemay17 1st Midweek Review and Notes

And, so we come to the first mid-week post for the #runlifemay17 Fitness Challenge.  For those of you that do not know about it, I am challenging everyone to engages in at least 5 minutes of some form of exercise, every day, in May.

Personally, I have been a bit overconfident with it...ha. It's one thing to do a half hour of fitness on any given day, but, when you start doing it on a daily starts to take a tole on your muscles, and I gotta say that my joke about Sworkit kicking butt on Monday (while I meant it) has taken on a whole new meaning, as that muscle group has become the most sore of all my body from these workouts, ha.

I, also, posted on my social media about the fact that I was using Samsung Health for tracking my running days, and I feel it is worth exanding on, here.  I had installed that program on my phone, when I was trying out different apps for consideration to use for my own participation in the challenge, and I...honestly...forgot I had installed it.  So, then, imagine my surprise when, after a run, it pops up a notification that I had met my steps challenge.  So, I opened it, and I am in love with this app.  

For anyone that has used Fitbit, this is going to seem very familiar.  It records your steps, throughout your day, as long as you take your phone with you (just like wearing a Fitbit band), only you don't have to pay for a Fitbit, and it comes with step achievement awards, and it lets you track other items as well, such as weight or sleep or etc.

Now, it is a GPS activated app, so you must have your location data turned on, on your phone.  However, I have not noticed a severe drain on my battery, at all.  The good deal of this app is that at the end of the month, you will have not only your run miles recorded but your calories from walking and running, as well.  It won't have your running TIME through, so I would recommend using other apps for that...


But, it is an excellent program for recording your calories and total distance for a monthly total, without having to pay the very high price for Fitbit.

I hope you all are having a good time getting into the habit of personal fitness, as I am.  My muscles are pretty sore, so there may be a day or two of light yoga days, but that works for this challenge, as well. But, just keep in mind that your body is adjusting to a lifestyle of fitness, and soon it won't be a pain, literally, to be getting closer to the fitness and body that we all desire to maintain.


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