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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Runlifemay17 Fitness Challenge Update, busted.  I was planning on doing 2 posts a week for the fitness challenge, and I desire to do that in the future, but this has been a very turbulent week.  As this page is not just for fitness but for making positive life choices, I want to take a few minutes to go through the last several weeks up to..what I now a stable and growing foundation for not only my blog but my life.

As some may know from prior posts, I left my last job at the end of last month.  I am not the type to just leave any job, and I have routinely stayed TOO LONG, in fact, in bad relationships and workplaces and non-friend "friend" associations and such.  I stayed in a toxic relationship with my ex for well over a decade, after I KNEW it was toxic.  I stayed at IBM for over 3 years, after I knew they had hired me to assist on a desk and, instead, gave me that two person job but had added additional tasks, as well, without any plan to give me more assistance.  At least with Sutherland, I didn't wait that long, and I had given them a 2 month notice that I was looking for work and that they should train someone else for the job, but...rather than train anyone else...they took that as a signal that they should give me MORE and to ask me to solve year old problems for them, before they could no longer use me.  So, as I saw a shit storm approaching that I KNEW would be dumped on me, I left.  It was the best decision I have made for my self-respect in a long time.

Of course, being without a job and very little savings to get me through a month, while looking, I have been frantically looking for a replacement income...but here is the different THIS time from the last times I have changed jobs.  I was not content to replace THIS bad decision with another bad decision of which I would have to leave, again.  So, I began re-examining what was important to me.

I guess I am different from a lot of other people.   I remember when I was entering Sutherland, they were all about the money...I would get paid...THIS MUCH.  When I asked about if the managers were trained to assist the employees or what room would be made for personal life, I saw blank stares of the management, as if they had not considered that.  And, when I told them that money wasn't the primary motivation for me in a job, they seemed to short circuit.  Even as I had given them notice that I was going to leave, the response was to get offered a BONUS of 10,000 dollars.  When I inquired about how work was going to change to be better, I got the same blank stares.  They were shocked that MONEY didn't solve everything.  In reality, it has NEVER been a factor for me.

My goal in life, since before I BEGAN college and work...was a happy life with those that I loved that loved me back.  I still do not understand people that want to spend all their time at work and avoid their family.  For me, the purpose of work IS time with the family, and my life is centered around that concept...and influenced my search in a job.

In the end, I was offered a few alternatives.  I had the opportunity to go back to IBM in a contractor position, and I refused it.  I had the opportunity to go into management in companies that would be all about the bottom line (and use me to achieve it), but I CHOSE, instead, a job that I would like doing and that would give me the flexible schedule to spend time with the family, blog, run, and all the other things for which my life SHOULD have been about all the time.  I would recommend you all do such internal evaluation of what you are doing vs what you desire out of life.  Does your road lead you where you want to go.

A lot of people say "mid-life crisis" as if it is a bad thing.  But, as I have gotten older, I have noticed one thing about everyone.  They care less about what others desire of them and say...and do..what they desire for themselves.  It is at THAT stage that those "mid-life crisis" choices, occur, and the end goal of those choices is their own happiness, which should have been the goal from the start.

Choose happiness.  Think about yourself.  No one else will, and few will appreciate (or even notice) the things you give up of yourself for others.  When you get to the end of your life, you are not going to be happy you surrendered yourself for others that barely noticed.  Instead you will be left with regrets.  Better to act now than regret then.  You will be glad you did.

Ok.  Now to to run my day in the challenge.  Hope your fitness program is making you feel better about your progress and yourself.


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