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Monday, May 8, 2017

Society Lies #1 - College Degree = Happy Life and More $$$

Society Lies #1 - College Degree = Happy Life and More $$$

I did a similar series of tweets, last year, but I am feeling the need to expand this into a full out blog post series, as I can see society rushing toward investing in their own suffering and graves, with no one to speak up and set the record straight.  As you can see from my other posts, I have no problem standing up in the middle of a politically correct crowd and denouncing the logical failures and factual traitors to their claims.

Which leads me right into the first of my posts for this series, and I can reference my own life, as evidence of this lie....many many times over and for every point within it.  The lie is that a college degree will make you happy and rich.

I recall when I was in high school and considering what job I wanted to do.  There were many ideas I had in my head, but I remember telling my dad that I liked being on the school newspaper and might want to be a news reporter.  I recall him mocking me and saying that "no one ever makes a lot of money with being a news reporter," which was not the only time that he would mock my ideas.  However, I filed that objection away, and it would affect every choice that I would make for a LONG time, after.  He had instilled in my mind that the GOAL of anyone's career success was the make a large salary, and he made it clear that the ONLY way to reach that salary was a college degree....which is an assumption that not only he but most of society, nowadays, believe.

Here's the first fly in that ointment.....College Loans.  Unless you were born into money, you are going to have to PAY for that college tuition, and the costs of doing so keep rising.  And, so, the government...many decades ago...created a thing called STUDENT LOANS that would allow you to pay for your college.  So, ta was happy.  I could take out student loans to get a degree that would pay me more money.

Which leads me to the FIRST part of this LIE.... the student THEN comes out with a college degree and ...once they are lucky enough to get a job after many many applications against others with college degrees, they start getting a paycheck.  But,, you owe student loans with interest to be paid back.  So, deduct that from your paycheck.  Next, now that you are grossing more money before student loans are deducted, you will be in a higher tax bracket and more of your money will be taken away, right from the start.  Then, you will NOW have to pay high rate for health insurance, whereas you could have free health benefits from the state, before, due to a low income.  I remember that when I got my first accounting job that I was shocked that the difference in income was a few hundred dollars a month...but, hey....I had a college degree and a happier life, right?

Except that that is not, actually, what you get with such a degree.  Do you remember when you moved from middle school to high school, as you progressed...or when you moved from high school to college freshman?  Do you remember how you went from being treated with respect to being a pee-on with little respect and had to work extra hard?  Well, now, you have your college degree that you worked for 4 years to attain, but you are going to a workplace, where EVERYONE has that and much more.  So, you get to start out with no respect, little support, and you work in an environment where they expect you to come in with all the answers and to shoulder all the responsibility.  While it SHOULD be the case that managers would take responsibility for their areas and work harder to ensure you succeed, that is not the case for the most part (which will be another post).  So, to PROVE yourself, you will be expected to work extra hours and do all the shit jobs that the managers don't WANT to do....for example, as a college trained accountant in a corporate setting, you find yourself being treated as a glorified secretary with a larger workload, more blame, and ....after STUDENT LOANS...making less per hour than if you had skipped college to work at Pizza Hut, where no one would be expecting you to solve the company's finances for them.

So, let me go back and give you the advice my father SHOULD have given me, from the start.  Figure out what makes you happy.  Think about what you would be happy being and doing, every day, if money was no issue at all.  Then, do that, because the path to greed will NEVER lead you to a happier life, only a more expensive one so that others can use you for THEIR happiness and wealth, instead.

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