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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Society Lies #2 - Experience Makes You More Valuable...Reality = More Costly

This is a reality that I only recently figured out, as it started to apply to myself, and it is something that society DEFINITELY is lying about.  The presumption (and enticement used for selfish reasons by companies) is that the more experience you gain and the more knowledge you get, the more VALUABLE you will be to a company, which means more DESERVING of higher pay and respect by companies.

That, immediately, sounds logical and many of you are probably saying..."yeah, so what is wrong about that?"  So, let me ask you to think about things from a business point of view...and just use YOUR OWN eyes and history for considering this.  What has been your experience with your managers and the company for which you work?  Do they generally invest in ANYTHING that costs more, or do they pick the cheapest option available?

Now, maybe some of you work in really good companies that put quality and humanity over profit, but I have seen even the biggest companies for which I have worked that would sacrifice quality in a heartbeat, if it save them...or their clients...a little money.  And, in reality, our economics are kinda BUILT upon that concept.  People pay only as little as they can for what they need, so they can sell their products for as much as they can.  It is cold and heartless, but it is BUSINESS.  No one ever got rich by not overcharging a customer.  Overcharging is how Donald Trump and every other rich person GOT to be rich, as well as paying their employees as little as they can, so they can reap the most as shareholders.

So, then, with this in mind, what do you think?  Would YOUR company and management pay top dollar for the best experienced individuals, or would they rather pay 20-30 thousand less in salary to a new college grad that they assume can learn it just as easy as those with experience.  My experience is the latter, and I have personally WITNESSED the biggest company I worked for (IBM) do "resource actions" to lay off people as salaried employees, only to turn around and hire them back as contract workers at a lesser salary and no benefits....simply to pay LESS for their human resource budget to have higher profits for themselves.

And, so, I find myself looking for work, as I left the last horrible company for which I worked that didn't value individuals (or even train them) that work for them.  What do you think I found as I started to tout my qualifications and look for employment?  I was like... I have 6 years management and accounting experience, expert on all these computer systems, experience training people and consulting people with the very tools that you are looking for in your job.  Now, SOME specifically pointed to my association with the bad company with a bad reputation, but ALL of them was fixed on my salary requirements.  They knew I was qualified, but they didn't want to pay experienced level salary; however, when I would LOWER my salary requirements to a low level, I would get suspicion on their part...why would a qualified person be asking for less unless they were not a good worker.

So, the more experience you have, the more EXPENSIVE..not are to companies, and most companies don't want to bear the cost, and you cannot lower your pay requirements without making yourself less attractive.  So, the REALITY is that the MORE experience you gain, the LESS employable you become to companies looking for a discount solution.

Which, as I learned this option, makes me just sick at the corporate world in which we live and ready to make a career change to work I like, myself, and not what others desire of me.  However, I thought it important to share this with everyone to, hopefully, learn the lesson much faster that I did, myself.

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