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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

This Is The Life (Re-Thinking COMPENSATION and Work)

How do you like my new workplace desk?  I like it...a lot, and the things that it brings me to have such a job, and that is the point I wanted to talk to you about, compensation.  First, a short little background about WORK and PAY for work from economic history.

Before we had payment in our society (and historically in every society), we still had an economic system.  Everyone did.  It went something like this... hey, I would like that from you.  How about if I give you something that YOU want in return (either a good or a service)?  Then, over time, that thing they desired was replaced by an item that the person could give others for what they want.  So, if I pay you in gold or a dollar that you can turn around and buy for what you desire, it would work for what I desire.  That is how currency began. forward to the current day, where people have been conditioned into thinking work means a place you go that you don't like to work for those you don't care and don't care for you, away from your home, to earn dollars that...if you have any time left at the end of the day... you can use to pay for bills and maybe a few scraps a month for something you desire.  Where at the start spending your day focused on what you wanted and providing services you liked to enhance your days, it has now become completely reversed so you spend your day focused on what OTHERS want and trying to find a few moments to enjoy yourself.  In pursuit of dollars, we have lost our wealth.

What do I mean by that?  For a long time I was deluded the same way that most of Americans are deluded to think that dollars equals wealth, but dollars are just dollars.  Wealth is what you have, and that is MORE than what can be seen on a balance sheet.  There are NON-MONEY elements to every job, both positive and negative.  For example, some people live in a specific place, because they like that location, and...even though they do the same job as they could in other places it is WORTH more to them.  Some like to work at a movie theater, so they can see free movies.  Some like to work in a clothing retail shop, because they can see what is new that is out.  Personally, I like to drive...I always have liked to drive.  I used to go out and drive for hours just because being behind a wheel with the music going was my peace spot.  So, the fact that I have a job where I can do that is of great wealth to me, as is my ability to set my own schedule, if for example, I wanted to take lunch off with my beautiful lady at a coffee shop, as we have done 2 times in the last week...


..which ...having that time with her... is ALSO of great value to me, even though I can't see it on a paycheck.

Everyone is different.  However, the point I wanted to make in this blog post is just this.  Don't make my mistake and waste decades of your life dedicating most of your life to making OTHERS happy, simply because they offer you dollars for work but are really buying your life, as well.  Take the time to figure out what is important to you, and...if you are like me..that may mean a much less paying job in dollars can result in a much RICHER life in happiness and peace, even if you have to give up some expenses that are not worth the true COST either.  I wish I had learned that a LONG time ago.

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