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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Witnessing the Rise and Fall of a Ratings President

My Coffee is Amazed at Trump too...

So, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that a President that came from a reality TV show would be all about the optics and ratings.  However, I am amused at the naive conservatives and independents that express genuine shock at how Trump is acting, these days.  They are like.... "but he said..." or "why did he do this....or that..." and are absolutely puzzled.  It's not a mystery....optics.  As with any narcissist, he is only interested in how HE would APPEAR, not how he would BE.  The second part is something that is, honestly, irrelevant to him.

So, at first, you would wonder why it would be that Trump would visit Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Vatican, when he has not been interested in FIXING the problems associated with any of the countries on the list.  For example, he is visiting a Muslim country, while he is going full speed with the appeal to re-institute a ban on Muslims in the country.  He is visiting Israel, while he is advancing Christianity over all other religions in our country, is hosting the Palestinians, and is limiting Jewish owned media organizations in the USA.  He is visiting the Pope, while he is rejecting the Pope's pleas for protecting the environment and giving aid to the poor...indeed...his plan to CUT money for the poor was introduced even as he was on the way to the Pope.

Then, why go to those countries, when there is SO many other places that he COULD visit that have REAL problems that need fixing?  Simple... optics.  He wants to LOOK good.  If he went to a problem area and failed, it would look bad.  However, he can shake hands with religious leaders and, then, proclaim himself a friend to ALL their followers.  He is down in the ratings, and he is doing photo ops to raise them.

Of course, think about any show that has been trendy and started to fall in the ratings.  What happens?  At first, it was new and interesting and people like it.  Then, they get bored and go to other shows, and the FIRST show takes it could you ABANDON me, the show thinks and the stars get jaded.  You can see this in music stars, too, and even church leaders.

As a part of my seminary training, when I was doing that training, I took a course in the history of church movements, and they all follow this cycle.  They proclaim themselves as NEW and FRESH, and they claim that their secret is that you can be however you want to be and not like the old stale rituals.  People like that message of being themselves.  The religious leaders take the increase to be a PERSONAL approval and declare it to be all about the leader, and they create signature products and messages and ways of worship.  Soon, they declare that if you were a TRUE follower, you WOULD do things their way and to do it another way was SINFUL, and so people leave to find NEW and FRESH other churches to follow, leaving bitter angry leaders.

Sound familiar?  This is EXACTLY what we saw with Trump.  He was the NEW and FRESH President to do things different from Obama (who by the way ran on CHANGE from Bush).  People liked the message of change and being able to do things their own way.  Trump took it personal and put his stamp on everything, as he always does.  Soon, however, it got boring, and his numbers dropped.  He is currently at his lowest ratings, anywhere, and more people disapprove of him than approve of him in the country (20 percent more disapproving than approving).  In any other country in the world, this would result in a new election or a vote of no confidence, but our election system is a little archaic for modern times, so we must suffer through 3.5 more years.  However, as his numbers dropped, what has happened to Trump...angry and bitter and blaming everyone and saying that if you were a TRUE conservative, you would do things ONLY his way.  It's nothing if not consistent.

Yet, there is one comfort as we watch the downward spiral.  Ratings are more fickle than the stock market, and I bet you can't even NAME the tv shows you watched two years ago.  Few remember the name of the President before Obama, and the one before him is a mystery to the younger generation.  As horrible as trump is and even with all the damage that he is doing to the country, now, the truth is that within two Presidents and one generation, NO ONE will even remember his name.  They will just say....yeah, that guy that with the Russia scandals, wars, and the biggest ego in history...what a joke.

And, so will be the legacy of the GREAT and POWERFUL OZ-Trump (don't look behind the curtain).


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