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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Blog Focus Changes

I am making a few changes to my blogs, due to time limitations and life realities.  Up to current, I have had a Lifestyle blog, a magic blog, and a fitness blog posts on the lifestyle page, as well as instagram's and twitter's for each, and a Pinterest that has gone very very neglected.  Here are the changes...

1.  Ending fitness blog.  It was kinda a stretch for me to have a fitness blog at all, as I don't have any certifications in the area and run at most about 3-4 miles.  I did and do like sharing my activities with others, and I will continue the fitness Instagram and Twitter as I find time to post there, but the blog focus will dissipate.

2.  Lifestyle blog.  When I began the lifestyle blog under the name Forward to Happiness, it was from lessons learned in dealing with narcissistic people and having the self respect to move on from those that would bring negativity into your life toward those that bring you happiness, and it was my intention for it to be a temporary blog leading to focus SOLELY upon being happy with your new life.  However, as I began that movement, I discovered two things... 1.  SOME of those that hold you back can get a foothold in your life to require continued interaction (such as an ex with custody sharing issues) and 2.  There are a lot of a**holes in the world, and the likelihood of you having to re-experience the issues again and again is high.  Plus, there will always be new readers on here that can benefit from my lessons learned.

Therefore, I plan to dedicate more time to this focus and divide it between the messages of dealing with those that cause us harm and bringing back MORE of the positive posts that, previously, were on my Living First Edition blogsite, before I migrated that to this domain, as well.  So, some will be FORWARD (dealing with the negative) and some will be HAPPINESS (keeping your center on those things that give life meaning).

You will have undoubtably noticed that my criticism of those that cause us harm has moved from my ex as main focus to Trump, and that will continue for two reasons.  I believe that ALL narcissistic users share many of the same characteristics, and most things I say about Trump applies to my ex as well.  Second, I believe Trump and the GOP are a threat to the entire NATION and the WORLD, as evidenced by the elimination of protections of the environment, healthcare for the sick, food for the poor, and protections for the economy.  So, his Presidency and Congress, while on a national level, will cause suffering by neglect and abuse to millions on an individual level.  So, desiring to move us as a COUNTRY to happiness, I will continue to illuminate their abuse and neglect, until we have a more stable and empathetic path to the happiness of us all.

3.  Finally, I am going to be doing more product ads.  It's a fact of life that we all need money to survive, and I plan to be doing fitness, fandom, and magic product ads to that end (though the magic products will be on the magic blog, instagram, and twitter, as well as the shared Pinterest for this page.  There will be Tarot card readings offered on those pages, as well.

1 comment:

  1. I totally agree on your take on Trump and his cronies.


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