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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Deaths by Terrorism and Guns Compared

Deaths by Terrorism and Guns Compared

I shared the above image, side by side, on my Instagram page this week @livelifekwc to illustrate a point.  On the left side, you see a Channel 4 news story about Muslims participating in providing disaster relief to those injured in the fire in London, while on the Right side is the statistic of  how many lives are lost on average to gun deaths.

Let's look at this comparison a little more.

Business Insider magazine reports that "Since 9/11, however, foreign-born terrorists have killed roughly one American per year."

ONE per year.  Not surprisingly, the cite notes, "Americans are more likely to win a lottery jackpot" than die by terrorists.  One in 45,808 people will at SOMETIME in their life die by terrorism by the odds, while it says that one in 358 will die by a gun assault.

Get that.  One out of every 358 people walking around right now will die in their life by an assault with a gun.  So SURELY these same people that are standing for SECURITY and SAFETY are amping up their fight on guns, as well, right?  I's just logic and numbers.  Surely, they have your interests at heart.

Well....not exactly.  The GOP that is always preaching the need to build walls and ban entire COUNTRIES and RELIGIONS from our country is actually fighting for MORE guns on the streets. 

This last week, a "gunman" attacked US congressional members with an assault gun.  So, they must have been outraged that someone could get a gun in that state without a background check and fire upon them.  Wrong, again.  The GOP response was that there should have been MORE guns on location, there.

So, given the numbers, the GOP would rather allow 11 thousand people a year to be injured from guns, so they can restrict travel and suspend American freedoms to prevent ONE person from dying from terrorism per year.

Indeed, Trump and the GOP was QUICK to announce plans to recind school zone bans on guns, after Trump was elected.  So, think about just how level headed your kids are right now.  Feel safer?

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