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Friday, June 16, 2017

Family, Gender, and an Unbalanced Government Home

I was out running this morning and a blog started to write itself, as it often does, as a perspective hit me as to why we need a Democrat Congress for very "Republican" reasons....Family.

First, let me say that I don't believe in stereotypes..people are who they are and the find others who complement who that is...and that is not based in whether their genitals are inside or outside.  That said, I do believe in that I don't mean that I believe sex and gender are linked but are two different things.  Some men are sensitive and supportive, and some are leading or aggressive, but the same can be said of women.

Now, the REPUBLICANS like to cite articles and individuals that say a child's development to be balanced and complete need both genders as parents, and they say THIS is the reason why they are opposed to gay couples with children.  But, again, the problem is that Republicans are saying that ALL men are one way and ALL women are another, which is absurd, unless you think Shakespeare played hockey on the side, or Joan of Arc really wanted to raise a lot of little girls to have tea parties.  Personally, I would tend to think I am more gender female, while I a very sexually and physically male, but I have found someone that loves that sensitive side to me, which makes us a good pair, even though EVERY male can be romantic and every female can be providing.

But, to get back to the point, REGARDLESS of whether you think gender is tied to sex, even Democrats believe a balanced family has both GENDERS, even if Democrats allow that to be filled by the same sex, and that makes sense.  You need someone to lead and someone to follow, even if you are only dancing; and no one leading means you will never eat ... "where do you want to go...well, where do YOU want to go...etc" and no one provide while both support.  No... a partnership in a family requires both leadership AND a heart.  It requires a "man" or leader to say this is what I need to do to make money and protect you, and it requires someone to say,"well, we have to think about the children and what they need."  So, the MAN (or male gender) works hard to provide, and the WOMAN (or sensitive one) says, "but don't work too much so we can spend time with you" (reminding him what is truly important.

NOW,  let's look at the parties.  We have Republicans saying that they want to fight and to work and to earn and get richer, and we have the Democrats saying, "Well, what about the children"....or the elderly or the environment or etc.... MALE Republicans and WOMEN Democrats, which not ironically is how the majority of both sexes voted.  However, right now, BOTH the President AND Congress are the first.

So, to carry forward to analogy and gender of the parties, we have two MALES married in our government family, with the President saying THIS is what we are going to do, but the FEMALE is absent, as the Government Family's male gender counterpart, instead of saying to the leader "what about the kids" are saying to the kids "shut up and take what he gives you."

Thus, FAMILY structure, itself, suggests that we need to elect a Congress with a heart for the innocent and poor, and the GOP has very clearly shown, that will not be them.  If we want our nation to GROW and develop into a strong balanced nation, we need to elect a Democrat Congress mom to represent them and make policies that are good for everyone.

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