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Saturday, June 10, 2017

GOP Using Trump Scandals to Hide Law Changes

Everyone is paying attention to the Congressional Investigation into the Russian - Trump scandal, as it is revealed; and, they should be...it is historic the degree to which a President has taken firm control of the government's intelligence and investigative branches to direct them NOT to look into something, surpassing even Nixon's Watergate.  Indeed, one could surmise that the reason that Bannon was brought in to be put in charge of the National Security Council was SIMPLY Trump bringing in someone to identify just how much they had on him, before Bannon was removed and let go.  We have a President that has, now, fired TWO Justice department leaders that were about to investigate him, and the third is being pressured to resign.  So, yes...there is ample reason to pay attention to what is being done, as this will go down in history books to the end of time as the legacy of the Trump Presidency...as short as it may be.

HOWEVER, I want to bring your attention to something that is very damning to the Republican party, as if they need anything else for that to be the case.  Did you know that under the cloak of media attention on Comey that they rolled back the Dodd - Frank bill corporate controls and protections that were put on companies, after the financial crash of 2008?  Yes, after that market threatened to sink the entire country, they put controls on companies and required full disclosure in audits of information that could pose a risk of financial crash.  THOSE CONTROLS are the ones that they just voted to remove with all but one Republican voting to remove them and EVERY democrat opposing the lifting of the protections.

It is not the vote numbers I want to bring to your attention...it is the TIMING.  They waited till there was a big enough distraction so that, like any state fair magician, you would be paying attention to THIS hand, while the other one did the trick.  This is not the ONLY thing that has been passed in this manner.  They are doing it with everything.  They tried to rush through the healthcare bill, AFTER TELLING EVERYONE THEY WERE NO LONGER CONSIDERING IT.  They tried to pass TAX CUTS for the rich, until it was reported and was taken off the voting table.  From corporate tax cuts and regulation changes to healthcare to education to defense, the Republicans keep following this EXACT timing of waiting till no one is looking.

Which is what is the condemning factor in this...just think.  If the Republicans were PROUD of what they were doing and felt it was a good thing, they would WANT to have as many eyes on it as possible, so as to get credit for it.  However, everything they are passing, they are trying to pass it when no one is looking, which can ONLY mean one thing.... They KNOW what they are doing is bad for the country, and they are ashamed to be doing it.

Stop for a moment and consider, is THIS the kind of government you wanted.... a President imposing his power to block investigation and a Congress that doesn't want you to see when they take away your protections, food, and benefits?  If not, we have an election in a year and a half.  Start getting ready to remove this infection to restore a government BY the PEOPLE, FOR the PEOPLE, and OF the common lower and middle class of this land.

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