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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Trump Resigning as President?

I am honestly wondering if Trump is about to resign as President.  Here are the facts...

...Trump just pulled his family away from the media at Camp David and canceled all meetings for 60 hours, according to reports.
...Mike Pence just commented that it has been a great honor to serve the President to go along with all the other, almost eulogy, praising statements.
...The Bush White House ethics lawyer just said that if Trump fires Mueller, Mike Pence would be the next President of the White House...implying the GOP will remove him.
...There is, now, public testimony that Trump fired 2 people for investigating him and told intelligence chiefs to falsify why that happened.
...New reports are coming out that Trump's money is coming from golf courses and that those golf courses are funded in part by the Russian Government Banks.
...The special council is, now, investigating Trump family members and associates for money laundering.
...Pence has been kept OUT of the Trump press releases, so he could claim ignorance, as he already has with Flynn.

...and, finally, logic.  Just think... Right now, Trump is "radioactive" as  is being reported in the press, and people are unwilling to be associated with him and are resigning and getting away, as fast as they can.  No way the GOP can pass ANYTHING under the cover of darkness, because TRUMP is highlighting the light on the GOP.  If the GOP backs him to the utter end, they go down with the scandal and lose power for the next generation (which I have been hoping would happen); but if they ask Trump to resign, they can claim they DID something, Trump can claim to be the ultimate victim but go back to doing business (which is what he wants to do anyway) minus the spotlight, and the party gets the media darkness to change the laws to make the rich richer without losing power.

Of course...the only fly in this logic is that to my knowledge Trump has never admitted failure in ANYTHING, and I don't know if the party COULD convince him to resign, even if they threatened him with force removal.

One thing is for sure.  The coming drama will be interesting.

1 comment:

  1. A couple of media sources are reporting that he wants to.


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