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Monday, June 5, 2017

Unwarranted and Unwise Optimism

One of the most irritating Meme themes i see in fitness circles goes something like this...

"You're only limit is your mind"


"I can do all things through Christ"

Or such.  While i appreciate their optimism, it's destructive.  We all have biological and physical and financial limits.  I am married to a woman that for all the ways she is amazing has minor spine issues that, while being something that she can can have a functional and happy life will keep her from running.  Now, she can exercise in other ways; however, no amount of confession will change that reality.  If she were to try, it would cause greater HARM.

We all have these limits.  Last week, I felt inspired to decide that I would run every rest day or stretch day.  After all...others do it.  Well, after a week of back and hip pains I realize I am just not there, yet.

This reminds me of a tweet i saw promoted in an article, yesterday.  They were asking an evangelical about their opinion about care for the Earth in light of the President pulling out of environmental protection accords.  The seminary graduate said that they weren't worried because God was big enough to solve the problem without us.

Seriously? That's like saying I can overspend, because God doesn't need me to make me rich... Or He can make me thin, so I can overeat... Or he can fix my back, so i can break it.

We all have limits.  That does not mean we must surrender goals, only our means of accomplishing them, and to do so we must learn the lesson we expect a pet or toddler to learn.... If it hurts us, don't do it.  Find a better option.  Only then will that path lead to happiness.


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