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Friday, June 2, 2017

Why We Should NOT Impeach Trump and Why Russia Elected Him

Yes...Trump IS really that stupid.  That is the answer to a question in my mind for months, which I am sure that many of you have been asking, as well.  The question is... does Trump have a malevolent plan to destroy this country, or is he JUST THAT STUPID and being used by others.

However, just look at his record of ACTIONS so far.  He, always, seems to say or do things at just the exact WORSE place or time for him to say or do them.  Under Russia investigation?  Hold a private oval office meeting for the head of Russia Foreign service and give Russia back 2 spy facilities within the USA.

These and other recent actions, as spellings, have led me to conclude what exactly is the truth about the Russia "collusion" with this administration.  No.  It was not a super sophisticated and planned out strategy with a very smart spy Donald Trump, working for Russia.  No... as we watch Trump's recent actions making us the laughing stock of the world, it dawned on me what exactly Russia is getting out of their helping Trump become President.  Just 6 months ago, Russia was a FORMER world power with no influence in the world and the USA under Obama was a world LEADER of policy and economy.  Now, just 150 days into this President, the United States is a laughing stock, and domestically our economy is starting to implode, as we see again and again that Trump has no idea what he is doing up there.

I mean....think about it....if Putin in Russia hated us so much, what better accomplishes their goal of destroying American influence and economy than electing an absolute MORON to run our country?  They probably saw Trump running and Putin laughed and said...we should get HIM to run America into the ground.

And, into the ground we are going.  However, I have to change my own public opinion on something.  I have been calling for the President to be impeached for weeks, now.  Like you, I felt that we needed to do something to save our economy or the environment and to hold him accountable for his actions.  But, if we do that, here is what will happen.  Trump will move aside, and the vice president will take over, and the GOP will claim ethical responsibility and say that their NEW leader will be much better.  But, as I have been pointing out for months and recently, the GOP stands by their elected leader...not in spite of his choices but BECAUSE of them.  Trump didn't deceive the GOP to be elected.  He is so much like they are that they voted for him.  The problem isn't the moron that we elected, but the mass that elected him and have leaders in congress, now.

The best possible outcome is that the GOP gets exposed, which is happening, now, as they call for the elimination of the aid for the poor, tax cuts for the rich, and show the face of their party so that we don't just eliminate the leader they picked but EVERY Republican in the coming elections.

#resist ...but resist the cancer, not the symptom.

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